Residency Unlimited


Dec, 2014

Rodrigo Imaz, Mexico (Aug – Oct 2014)

RU helped me to engage with the art community in NYC, connecting with many professionals and institutions that allowed me to develop my work and have an output to the work. The studio visits in RU allowed me to extend my vision towards my own work and the art world by exchanging references and useful information from very educated sights. The engagement with other residents and the RU team was also very positive and fruitful.


RU E-Blast Nov 11 2020

A Performance Protest Against the “Petty Thuggery of Fascist Monsters”

Black Art Stars Are Reinvesting Their Windfalls in the Next Generation in Ways That Could Permanently Reshape the Art World

RU E-Blast Nov 2 2020

RU E-Blast Oct 28 2020