Residency Unlimited



Feedback by past RU Residents on their experience during a RU residency.

Lukas Hofmann (Oct – Nov 2019)

My time in NYC was truly fruitful, I managed to get a lot done, and the RU team was instrumental in the process.

Tadej Vaukman (Sep-Oct 2019)

To be frank, it’s you guys! RU was always there for me and opened many gates for me, you know your “do” very well. No complaints.

Gonçalo Ivo (Oct – Nov 2019)

I made great contacts, had fruitful meetings, and met people from the four corners of the world. Being exposed to artists, curators and people involved in art from so many different cultures was a real benefit for me.

Mengna Da (Jul – Aug 2019)

The RU residency expanded my network of talents and art workers from a variety of backgrounds who I probably would never have a chance to meet if not at RU. The residency allowed me to practice communicating with diverse artists and institutions and prompted me to develop curatorial projects with more concrete concepts and practical consideration.

Mari Mathlin (Oct – Nov 2019)

Inspiring, encouraging and important experience in so many ways. RU gave me the possibility to stay in New York for two months and meet my personal fears and doubts.  Through this experience and meeting with other artists and professionals who gave feedback and advice on my work, I got the valuable chance to re-evaluate my work, my thinking and importantly, my own being.

Jing (Rain) Lu (Nov 2019)

RU  has a lovely and professional team to work with and they provide a great platform for curators to meet with different artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds, including talks and events which provide great opportunities for artists and art professionals to connect and interact.

Inti Hernandez (Aug – Sept 2019)

I really enjoyed my time at RU, they arranged meetings with very interesting people and organizations during my entire residency. I made use of their rich network to promote and invite people to my ‘Artist Talk’ and to an ‘Open Studio’ realized during my time with them.

Arghavan Khosravi (June-August 2019)

RU’s utter willingness to support and help each artist’s career was very impressive. You could feel that their support was coming from somewhere beyond the conventional structure of such institutes; from their true passion for artists and art. Through RU I could meet a lot of talented people in the field with whom I will maintain my relationship.

Emanuel Rossetti (Feb – July 2019)

The residency with RU made me look at both the past and future simultaneously. I❤ NY

Darija Medić (July – August 2019)

For the period of a month, I had more than 30 meetings, thanks to the extensive research and network of Residency Unlimited with representatives of art and education institutions. Through these meetings, I accomplished forming a basis for a network of potential collaborators, including presentation venues, researchers, teachers and curators.

Ahaad Alamoudi (July – Aug 2019)

During my time at RU, I was able to share, develop, and produce new artwork. The residency catered to my needs and demands, and through it I was able to exhibit at the New Museum. The residency formed and scheduled meetings with artists, critics, researchers, curators and gallery owners who were relevant to my practice. I gained a lot through this experience. It was a beautiful introduction to the city and its arts scene.

Neža Knez (Sept – Oct 2018)

This residency was my best experience ever. I was able to develop a 22 days action in Brooklyn (Square)  and an arts and education project with the middle school  MS 136 in Brooklyn. RU is intent on understanding your practice and on that basis, organize relevant meetings with curators and project support.

Graciela Cassel (Feb-July 2016)

When I completed my residency at RU, I felt ecstatic and hopeful about my process, and deeply grateful to the RU staff and the great curators and artists I met. But that experience did not end with the residency; that experience continues to open doors for me.  Three years later, I can say that being in such a caring environment helped me grow, giving me the confidence to show and speak about my work. I see my practice now from a place of deeper understanding.  This invitation, begun at RU, into depth truly opened my soul, where I can tell what is truth to me.  My art is best begun with that stance of truth.

Gabriella Ciancimino (May – June 2019)

RU gave me the opportunity to realize the mural  “Smell in Dialect” in the pediatric center at Kings County Center Hospital. I worked exclusively with communities that are not connected with contemporary art. This meant stepping out of my comfort zone, whilst being supported by RU throughout the entire process. The RU staff was completely present for the pre-preparation, the implementation, the production and presentation of this great project.

Paulina Batista (April -June 2019)

My time at RU far exceeded my expectations. The diversity of artists in residency  I met forms a great community which I connected to deeply. RU helps you feel part of NY within a very short period of time. Not to mention the many one-on-one meetings with a wide range of arts professionals-  truly a unique opportunity.

Anthony Ragucci (April – June 2019)

During my time as an RU resident, I was able to focus on my work while getting valuable professional experience meeting and talking with art advisors, curators, and writers in the art world. The RU staff was extremely supportive and welcoming.  These three months were incredibly beneficial for my art and career.

Héctor Jiménez Castillo (March- April 2019)

RU was the best in everything, I just can be thankful for all the support and care I received from you, guys. Keep being as kind and caring as you are.

Kyung-jin Kim (April -June 2019)

I had truly a great experience at RU: to discuss, develop and present my ongoing practice. It was a fulfilling experience to be able to exchange ideas and look into my work from many different perspectives. And most of all, RU’s multinational art network has greatly expanded my horizon.

Iara Pimenta (May -June 2019)

Being a curator-in-residence at RU was a transformative experience. During my residency, I had studio visits with various artists, met influential curators, and was in contact with institutions that broadened my perspectives in art production and dissemination. RU staff was attentive and supportive, helping me to establish relevant connections that certainly will resonate in future projects. I am grateful for the whole experience, especially for the opportunity to curate a show that was organized by the residency and featured works of talented and thought-provoking artists.

Zita Schüpferling (February -June 2019)

To dive into such a variety of different views on art and art practices through the multitude of meetings with art professionals and the exchange with the other artists and curators in residence was not just a unique experience, but also led to actual collaborations… a very huge thanks to RU!

Chantal Feitosa (April -June 2019)

RU has a strong commitment to supporting emerging artists and curators in a way that feels highly refreshing and nurturing. I really valued the program’s interest in fostering meaningful connections between arts professionals who are still shaping their careers in New York. The constant exchange of ideas with a diverse range of individuals and organizations helped me to begin navigating a professional art practice very early in my career.

Angélica Maria Millán Lozano (April – June 2019)

As a new artist in the city, RU was instrumental in my introduction to the art scene in NY. I don’t think I would have had an exhibition in NY this soon if it wasn’t for RU. Having that exhibition as a goal pushed me to create a strong discipline and studio practice within my day-to-day schedule where I balanced both work and studio time. With all the connections from RU, I stepped into a stronger community and gained the understanding of how artists function in the city, these are things that have strengthened my networks and have already advanced my artistic career.

Nathalia Lavigne (May 2019)

During my curatorial residency at RU, I had the opportunity to extend my artistic network with artists, curators, and organizations through their vast international contacts, most of them that I wouldn’t have reached without RU’s mediation. It is a kind of experience that still reverberates for a long time afterward, especially because I had the opportunity to dive into a diversity of artistic practices.

Ana Kuzmanić (April – May 2019)

I met more than 50 individuals and visited around 50 institutions and organizations and it would be hard to select just a few of them. Everything was valuable. Even things I didn’t like helped me to understand things more globally and to position myself more precisely in the art context.