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  • Contact Information

  • Residency Proposal

  • Tell us about your work as an artist/curator. Describe how you think about and develop your projects, the media you use, the places where you make and show your work, the people you want your work to engage with, and the impact that you want your art to have. Outline your ambitions for your work and career. Share your successes and, if you'd, the failures from which have learned important lessons.
  • RU residencies are designed to support artists and curators as they develop and complete new projects, while also offering significant career development support. Let us know what we can do for you. Tell us about your ambitions for your proposed residency. What new work would you be aiming to develop? What resources will you need, including (but not limited to) space, technology, materials, fabrication, curatorial support, research support, networking, access to other organizations, etc? Demonstrate how you will capitalize on RU’s resources and location in New York City. Show how the residency could help your career develop, tell us how we can help you make the next move. Let us know how much time you would need—we recommend three month residencies for artists.
  • Please attached a current Resume/CV. Accepted formats: doc, docx, pdf, txt (max size 2mb)
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt.
  • Please attach relevant images and work-samples on a single pdf. Include image details (Title, date, media, dimensions) and text for context, if necessary. There is no limit to amount images submitted in the pdf, but the is a max file-size of 4mb.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Dates & Scheduling

  • Artists: A minimum duration of two months is strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities and resources that our program provides. Please use the drop-down menu below to indicate number of months you would like to be in residence.
  • RU's residency program runs from February to through November each year. Please indicate the consecutive months you wish to attend.
  • Funding and Sponsor Information

  • Please note: There should be at least 3 months between the notification results and the start of the residency.
  • Please include any other details you would like to add to the proposal here and/or up to three links to supplemental materials.