Residency Unlimited


Exhibitions | May 20 2017 5pm

REMOTE by João Marçal

Flatbush Caton Market

Saturday, May 20, 2017, 5-8pm
CARIBBEING House (in front of Flatbush Caton Market)
794 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

In collaboration with Residency Unlimited (RU), CARIBBEING House invites you on May 20 to the opening of João Marçal’s new installation REMOTE in its gallery situated in the Flatbush Caton Market. REMOTE consists of 24 paintings titled after movie tapes (*) that the artist watched as a child in the 1990's pausing and rewinding his favorite scenes with the remote control. The abstract compositions of the works are directly inspired by the VHS design covers and refer to the colors of the Caribbean flags in the market. They also hark back to the nostalgia of a time past in childhood as well as a time future with the imminent demolition of the Flatbush Caton market.

Romancing the Stone


Pretty Woman
Die Hard
First Blood

The Witness
Back to the Future

The Temple of Doom
Wall Street
Blade Runner

Weekend at Bernie´s
Three Men and a Baby
Basic Instinct

Crocodile Dundee
Dirty Dancing


Based in Porto, Portugal João Marçal’s painterly practice can be defined as a continued exploration of abstract formalism. Seemingly abstract in appearance, the works are crafted with a sense of humor and directness that monumentalizes the decorative. Serial repetitions of abstract shapes and colors from everyday life are matched by the artist with exacting precision on the surface, evoking and distorting the original which the painting both relies on and displaces.

Photo documentation:

RU Exhibition: REMOTE by João Marçal

The CARIBBEING HOUSE is a quirky conceptual space situated in a shipping container, which doubles as an event and art gallery space located in the heart of Flatbush aka #LittleCaribbean, Brooklyn. Caribbeing is a thriving cultural organization that stands at the crossroads of the  film + art + culture. Led by a group of influencers/tastemakers, CARIBBEING spans contemporary culture and is a hub for creativity and collaborations with some of the Caribbean’s most visionary talent and innovative brands. Now in its 4th year, CARIBBEING has grown into a global movement.

BRAND HERITAGE: Founded in 2012, CARIBBEING started off as a platform to build cultural awareness and foster Caribbean heritage through film + art + culture.  Since then, the brand has evolved into a fully-integrated, 360° award-winning platform with partnerships that span the globe.

This program is made possible with support from Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar/ EGEAC, Lisbon, Portugal.