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Mar, 2013

Wonders of the Mind in Nfocus magazine

Wonders of the Mind, the second international group exhibition produced by Residency Unlimited (RU) / IDEAS 40203 (International Dialogue and Engagement Art Space + Zip Code) opened on February 15, 2013. Curated by Brooklyn-based University of Louisville alumnus, Boshko Boskovic, Wonders of the Mind is on exhibition in IDEAS 40203’s non-traditional presentation space in the Old Louisville Chamber of Commerce located at 1217 South 4th Street. Residency Unlimited’s Creative Development Director, Theo Edmonds, outlined new programming scheduled as part of this artist-led collaboration between Louisville’s creative and corporate communities (program below).

Integrating artists from Kentucky (Chris Radtke), New York City (Juan Betancurth), and Finland (Heta Kuchka), IDEAS 40203 works to start an international art dialogue by connecting the Louisville arts community with New York and International artists, galleries, and collectors. Wonders of the Mind interlaces “the physical and psychological realms of the human body through sculpture, installation and video.” Chris Radtke’s sculptural series Notes on Self uses the precise dimensions of her body through the utilization of wood and glass, converting the materials into surrogates for her own personal and psychological space.

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