Residency Unlimited


Alumni News |
May, 2018

Wojciech Gilewicz’s video “Residency Unlimited” featured at NURTUREart

Wojciech Gilewicz is presenting his video work Residency Unlimited (2012) in NURTUREart soon. He made this piece when residing in RU back in 2012.

Social status is also frequently linked to labor. Wojciech Gilewicz’s video piece, Residency Unlimited, looks at jobs that may be considered menial, such as cleaning or construction, and are sometimes the only positions available for immigrants. The video follows the artist and documents his frequently awkward interactions with others while he cleans an art space.

Here is the link to the NURTUREart show.

More about Wojciech Gilewicz’s project developed during his residency at RU can be found here.


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