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Jul, 2017

Tina Kohlmann – HazMatLab HWIZ at Qingyun Art Center, Beijing

Qingyun - International Art Center Beijing is pleased to announce the exhibition Hwiz by Frankfurt based artists Sandra Havlicek, Tina Kohlmann and Katharina Schücke. The three artists join their expertise to practice as a dynamic trio called HazMatLab. The exhibition on July 22nd/23rd 2017 includes a selection of works from the past two month during their residency at Qingyun.

HazMatLab works on chemical and alchemical experiments with a wide range of material from different fields. Their working process involves physical transformation of material with the intention of generating a second material, that through making use of it’s sculptural qualities, provokes a reflection of our environment. In a new series of sculptures tablets and steles, which continue their ongoing exploration, we see site specific material like chicken feet, the iridescent heavy metal bismuth in various forms and sweets like black herbal jelly acting as plinths. Stacking, piling, slumping. Beyond their notion of an artistic medium as hybrid, as middle-space, as neither-nor, as matrix or material - it is also simply this: a visionary.

To follow up on their work in progress over the last two month at Qingyun Residency - International Art Center Beijing please visit
For more information on previous exhibitions and works please see

北京青雲藝術園,國際藝術家駐留專案非常榮幸的邀請來自於法蘭克福的藝術家組合:Sandra Havlicek, Tina Kohlmann 和 Katharina Schücke,並舉辦她們的駐留成果作品展。藝術家將她們各自擅長的領域結合,組成一個充滿活力的三人組,名為HazMatLab。此次工作室開放日展覽將於7月22日-23日進行,作品包括她們在青雲駐地2個月的創作。
HazMatLab 致力於對來自於不同領域的材料進行化學實驗和煉化實驗。她們的工作程式涉及到,通過利用材料特有的可塑性,引發對我們周圍環境的反應,從而對材料進行意在產生次物質的物理轉化。從其持續探索的新雕塑系列“樣本”和“碎片”中,我們可以在其中看到如雞腳這類具有場地性的材料,也可以看到呈現為不同形式、多彩變色的重金屬鉍和被用於製作底座的黑色仙草凍。堆積、堆疊、倒塌——這些材料及其展現形式超越了人們對於材料作為混合、中間空間、非此非他、模型的或作為某種藝術媒介的認知——這可以簡單的概括為:一個全新的視角。


Tina Kohlmann


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