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Feb, 2015

Tina Kohlmann and Philip Emde in Culturehall, written by Jodi Waynberg

Tina Kohlmann,Obcy, 2012

Culturehall's most recent issue features an article written by Jodi Waynberg, the Executive Director of Artists Alliance Inc in which she discusses work by RU Alumni Tina Kohlmann and Philip Emde.

"Though varied in medium and subject, each of the four artists introduced in this selection use a codified language of repeated formal elements — physical labor, isolated details, or recurring gestures — to dislocate common spaces, objects and referents from their known functions, creating estranged compositions that move beyond representation to graft a thin layer of fiction onto an otherwise recognizable reality. In doing so, these artists reveal the hidden images and ideas embedded in their chosen subjects, reanimating each in illusions that resemble their original forms, but have in some way been changed..."

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Philip Emde

Tina Kohlmann


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