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Aug, 2015

“The Moment,” with Lulu Meng

HsiangLu Meng, Part of a Whole, site specific installation

Opening: August 8, 3 – 5 pm, RSVP ONLY
August 9 – September 13.
Free with NYSCI Admission.

"As defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary, “moment” can mean a minute portion of time, importance, a stage in historical or logical development, or the product of quantity (as a force) and the distance to a particular axis or point.

While presentation through visual practice has many different interpretations, artwork displays its own physical and psychological moment, as the product of a unique insight and the distance the artist has carried his or her conception. The concept of The Moment is to investigate the play of the virtual and the real, inward and outward, our intimate reflection on a surface, dark and light, or a view of self in the outside environment. The Moment is a glance to visualize a picture, an object, a location, a person, or a memory.

The Moment uncovers artist encounters commenting upon the intersection of the inner mind and the outside environment. Artists fuse their creativity in two dimensional painting or manipulate it in new technology to discover new modes of relaying ideas, frameworks, and innovative interfaces between physical worlds in ways that provoke the imagination and problematize art interaction.

The Moment is a live direct or indirect program that brings participants to view, physically touch, and spiritually experience elements that might be generated through graphic, sound, video, or other art presentation. Through re-interpreting the idea of festival, we take technology to a wider application in the real world. Creative humanness, when the visitor is watching a video, seated at a computer, or touching a screen, will supplement reality and increase the two dimensional plane to a time axle moment. In one direction, it points to the past, and in another direction it imagines the future."



Lulu Meng


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