Residency Unlimited


Jun, 2016

Terike Haapoja, Finland (March-May, 2016)

I got many openings to institutions and people that will be helpful in the future. This is really because many of the studio visits were actually matched and not just random people. I also had valuable conversations with RU staff about how to proceed with career planning and networking here in the US. Meeting other residents was made easy and even if a personal studio space isn't included, the RU space is very good for individual working. The staff is great, committed and professional.


Joanna Borkowska: In the Realm of Slow Painting

The winner of RU’s 2019 Residency Raffle is Bas Peeters!

Pauline Batista “Is Your System Optimized?”

Jagna Ciuchta – upcoming FROM FLOOD TO FLIGHT and VERTICALITY

Tashi Brauen : ARTACHMENT