Residency Unlimited



Emilie Régnier, Canada/Senegal (September – November, 2018)

My experience at RU, was life changing, I felt supported in going beyond my traditional practice to explore unknown territories. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I had the chance to spend there.

Oneika Russell, Jamaica (September – November, 2018)

The RU staff is there to support you in achieving your goals. There is no shortage of activity and engagement provided and there is always production help and general or specific advice that can be given as the staff are so well connected and knowledgable about the NY art scene. The weekly studio visits were a great offering to help expand how I think about my practice and connect me to art professionals.

Shimrit Lee, NYC (September – November, 2018) – Curator

RU fostered an artistic community where I felt both supported and intellectually stimulated. Through the residency, I forged an extensive professional network as well as lasting friendships with artists and curators with whom I hope to collaborate in the future. Thank you!

Fatma Shanan, Israel (May-August, Oct-Nov, 2018)

This program was definitely a pivotal moment in my artistic career. RU allowed me to deepen my research and exposed me to new realms of critical thinking alongside, to establish valuable professional connections and show my work in New York.

I highly appreciate that RU continues to offer support after my residency has ended, such as referring me to connections and events I might be interested in.

Tomás Cunha Ferreira, Portugal (July-October, 2018)

I can only say I wish I could extend my time at RU. My 3 months stay was great, and I can only wonder what one could accomplish if there was more time to be spent working in such good

I feel lucky to have new perspectives for my work in the future.

Julie Leidner, USA (May – August, 2018)

The curated exhibition where my work was featured with three other RU artists helped develop my practice and advance my career in a small but significant way.

Kairon Liu, Taiwan (May-Sept, 2018)

It was a life changing experience. The support that RU provides and the networks I built were way beyond my expectations. Thank you RU!

Danni Shen, NYC (April – June, 2018) – curator

The residency was a once in a lifetime opportunity which furthered my hands-on professional experience in independent research, curatorial practice and global/institutional networks.

Clare Kenny, Switzerland (Feb-July, 2018)

RU was fantastic in organising studio visits with various arts professionals to help disseminate my practice.

Douglas Argüelles, Cuba/USA (June-July, 2018)

RU is like a big family, being part of this residence is a great luck and an important professional experience. The RU team is highly supportive and is doing a wonderful job developing artists’ careers. During my residency I met many professionals affiliated to museums, curators, gallerists, art advisors and most importantly amazing artists. RU’s support extends beyond the residency itself.

Jorge Otero, Cuba (July-August, 2018)

I worked on the production of a new work and thanks to RU I got access to new printing techniques, I achieved visibility for my work and very useful contacts for my artistic development. The attention and commitment to residents is excellent.

Arda Yalkin and Hande Sekersiler, Turkey (March-May, 2018)

The RU team is very supportive, open minded and kind. We felt like part of a family which also allowed us to meet many talented artists from all over the world which was great.

Kuldeep Singh, NYC (May-July, 2018)

Connecting with relevant curators was important for me, being a resident of this city. I was mostly researching and compiling work in fragments, while at the residency. And exchanging ideas with other artists. And now the work is culminating to a performance project at Knockdown Center soon, early next year.

Lek Gjeloshi, Albania (June-July, 2018)

An important part of my residency were the studio visits which allowed me to make new contacts. It was also very useful to give a public talk in front of a new audience and to articulate my practice in English.

Kinu Kamura, France (May-July, 2018)

Through this residency, I created strong friendships with the artists and the richness of every exchange, studio visits and discussions was very inspiring. I felt welcomed as a foreigner and supported in my work and process.

Debora Hirsch, Italy (April-June, 2018)

My time at Residency Unlimited was remarkable. RU has a warm and supportive environment. Their commitment, networking resources and personalized support is outstanding. My three months with them were essential for my research, my creative process and my work. Finally, RU helped me to establish a solid platform to work in New York with knowledge of the art scene.

Siniša Radulović, Montenegro (April-May, 2018)

Not only that Residency Unlimited offered me the opportunity to be part of an international art community, residency also provided me with the means to truly develop and grow as an artist. RU staff is amazing and they will help you connect and fully experience the vibrant scene of contemporary art in New York. It is not just the place to connect with artists and art professionals, RU is the a place for building quality and genuine friendships.

Maess Anand, Poland (July-September, 2018)

Would like to immensely thank you for your support during my residency. It has been a magical time.
Thanks to your efforts I made more contacts in 3 months than I would have done in many years in Poland.

Karian Amaya, Mexico (July-August, 2018)

RU is a fantastic experience for all artists. The Staff is very professional and they are really supportive of your needs, such as establishing your meetings with top notch art professionals in New York and helping you develop your practice. Most special  are the relationships and bonds that I created with other artists and curators, those are for life.

Verica Kovacevska, Macedonia/Switzerland (July-August, 2018)

My goals to 1) broaden my professional network, 2) reflect on and re-evaluate my practice, 3) get to know the local art scene, and 4) get inspiration for a new artwork were  fully met. The gallery where RU organized my artist talk is interested in showing the new work I developed  during my residency.

Martin Kohout, Czech Republic/Germany (July – August, 2018)

I really appreciate the energy and will of the team to make the best out of my time in NY with their support and network as well as with field trips and other opportunities to meet people and places…

Juliana Steiner, NYC/Bogotá (May-July, 2018) – curator

The residency was a fantastic opportunity. It allowed me to revive certain projects I had forgotten about. It helped me think about the themes I am interested in in a more timely way. It also allowed me to meet new artists to include in exhibition proposals. It also shed some light on how to work within the New York art scene.

Thomas Canto, France (Feb-June, 2018)

Of all  the individuals, institutions and organizations I met through RU there were writers who have agreed to contribute to my monograph.

Rashmi Viswanathan, NYC (Feb-Nov, 2017) – Curator

I vastly expanded the base of artists I work with, and was connected to organizations that have been important to both my curatorial and academic work. As an arts hub in my city it provided invaluable support. It connected me to arts institutions and arts professionals, offered a productive workspace, and organized exhibitions spaces and exhibition support.

I am now well situated among more experimental and international practices, and have access to international arts organizations with which I would like to work/ be associated.