Residency Unlimited


Mar, 2012

Amelia Saul, New York City (March 2012)

My time with Residency Unlimited and Casita Maria was an incredibly valuable. I was provided with production support, excellent studio visits with art-world professionals who are directly related to my work, and a community of wonderful people - artists, curators and writers. Casita Maria itself was a fertile location for my work, and I am surprised and delighted by the project that I developed their with their steady support.

RU's connection within the New York art world is impressive, and their relationships are usually strong bonds of friendship and professional admiration based on artistic merit. Their connection to the art world outside of New York is also huge - if not huger, and makes this an unusual and invaluable opportunity for artists from the US to connect across boarders.

I would urge all US-based artists who want to broaden their connections in the art world, and deepen their studio practice, to pursue a residency here.


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