Residency Unlimited



Feedback by past RU Residents on their experience during a RU residency.

Meriton Maloku, Kosovo (April-May, 2018)

The most valuable in my opinion during my residency were the  RU crew , their energy and the experience they shared with me was amazing and pushed me in a good way. I feel much stronger as an artist in part because of all the great connections I made.

Christine Mills, Wales (May, 2018)

The RU staff’s attitude is so super positive, helpful and simply do everything to connect us, which is so valuable, and always makes the most of everything.

Alisha Wessler, NYC (Feb-April, 2018)

The structure of having many meetings pushed me to become better at talking about my work—something that I have always struggled with. It is absolutely amazing that the staff members at RU are able to get one-on-one meetings with incredible curators. The exhibition was another clear highlight of the residency—it was such a gift to be able to have a show in an amazing location in SoHo with the international artists of the residency.

Matej Knežević, Croatia (April-May, 2018)

The entire RU experience offered a platform which enabled me to:  enter a state of introspection and launch a new project: 3 players missing that was entirely developed in and influenced by New York City context; develop new and solid friendships with a few other RU resident artists.

Ramyar Vala, Iran/NYC (Feb-April, 2018)

RU understood my needs, and plans well enough to help me establish myself in New York as a newcomer. People at RU were supportive and guide me to access the material of my work and connecting me to right people related to topics of my work.

Tiago de Abreu Pinto, Brazil/Spain (April 2018) – Curator

RU lived up to all my expectations since they fulfilled all my goals.

Carry on doing the same! You are a true art conduit.


Javier M. Rodríguez, Mexico (March – April, 2018)

There were several aspects that distinguished this residency that I found of great value  including: with so many studio visits I was able to economize my presentations and develop  more coherent statements. The program really allowed me to build a solid professional network and  I made such good friends…not just in NY but abroad.

The RU staff is doing a great job in getting the residents closer with the NY art community.

Catarina de Oliveira, Portugal (Feb – April, 2018)

This residency allowed me to do the necessary research and gather the material that will  that will inform my practice for years to come.

Tamika Guishard, NYC (Feb-April, 2018)

RU is a welcoming home base for any artist looking to see beyond “convention”. Being immersed amongst artists from various backgrounds and all working within different media forces you to stretch the boundaries of what is possible within your own medium.

Martina Vacheva, Bulgaria (Feb-March, 2018)

As a young artist from Eastern Europe with little exposure to this kind of art environment RU acted as a highly effective intermediary to develop future career possibilities for me in the USA and also internationally.

Unforgettable 2 glorious months with great steps forward !! Thanks RU for everything!!
Yours Martina Vacheva and the golden pinky

Joana P. R. Neves, UK/Portugal (Feb, 2018) – Curator

RU allowed me to immediately test my research findings with a sophisticated audience, a warm environment and a functional space.

They networked on my behalf and established a good basis to come back to New York with knowledge of the milieu and some very good contacts.

Naomi Okubo, Japan (June – Nov, 2017)

Spending time at RU was such a valuable experience and helped me develop my career and practice  My work was featured in  a two person exhibition with another Japanese artist (Kuniyasu Sakaizawa) organized by RU at Cuchfulitos Gallery. The  exhibition was reviewed byThe New Yorker. That was huge for me.

Andreia Santana, Portugal (July-Nov, 2017)

My residency at RU helped me to get to know many interesting individuals through weekly studio visits and being in direct contact with important institutions and galleries in NYC. All the staff and interns are very helpful and friendly always trying what they can to get things done. I also feel well-supported to pursue future opportunities worldwide post residency.

Tessa Mars, Haiti (Sep-Nov, 2017)

I come back home full of new ideas, a budding professional network and the sense that this was the best introduction to the New York art scene I could have wished for.

I was also actively encouraged (offered the tools) to try different mediums and experiment, which was a much needed push to get out of my comfort zone.

Jelena Mijić, Serbia (Oct-Nov, 2017)

RU provided me with everything that I actually needed. Meetings and conversations with art professionals helped me to develop some of my ideas and encouraged me to think about my practice in more ambitious perspectives. I created a lot of valuable and long lasting connections among  fellow residents and RU team members.

I admire the amount of work and energy that the RU team is able to perform in order to keep everything running perfectly. I also think that the flow and overall dynamics were pretty well thought through with a perfect balance between studio visits, field trips, public talks and events,  inhouse presentations and casual gatherings. Keep up the good work!

Yoon Young Park, South Korea (November, 2017)

This is my second residency at RU, which continues to enrich my artistic journey. As in the past, RU provided me with valuable and priceless opportunities. I am deeply grateful to the highly devoted and committed RU staff.

Farideh Sakhaeifar, NYC (Sep-Nov, 2017)

Residency Unlimited has been a unique experience for me. Great programming and invaluable support either technically or conceptually. I really enjoyed every single studio visits provided by RU as well as meeting diverse group of artists from around the world.

RU staff are super organized and on top of everything. I loved that there was an answer for every question either technical or conceptual.

Daniel Mantilla, NYC (Aug-Sep, 2017)

The program was beyond of what I expected. My time at RU was crucial because it provided the atmosphere I needed to evaluate my practice and bring more focus and discipline to it. Each conversation provided me with possibilities for my practice and helped me revised the way I presented my work and to talk about it with more clarity.

Andras Blazsek, Hungary (Sep-Nov, 2017)

Through RU, I met many interesting and generous individuals through weekly studio visits, curated conversations and organized presentations with other artists. It was an unforgettable experience that I know will continue to impact my practice in the years to come.

Luciana Solano, Brazil/NYC (June – Nov, 2017) – Curator

My experience as curator in residency exceeded my expectations in a way I had to recalibrate my goals..

The atmosphere of collaboration made me feel that staff, artists and curators in residency were cohesively moving forward.

Eva Davidova, NYC (Aug-Oct, 2017)

The structure of the residency was outstanding. I received technical support, conceptual support, and human support.  My interactions with the  staff expanded from the very first meeting there on forward, The network I was introduced to is beyond what I’ve imagined, and only time will show the immense difference it made in my work and career.

Kristy Hughes, USA (Sep-Oct, 2017)

I  came to the residency with the intention of better understanding NYC – which seemed like an untouchable force, that I would never feel comfortable in. I cannot believe how much this has changed in such little time as 6 wks. The scheduled meetings, field trips, and the resources that RU provided were the best way to navigate NYC.

Simon Hudolin, Slovenia (Sep-Oct, 2017)

The RU staff is great, open, helpful and very well organized. The RU program is constructed on a well thought out concept.

Their capacity to organize meetings with relevant art professionals provides an opportunity to get a constructive feedback and contacts for future ventures. The readiness of the team to cooperate post residency is also commendable and in line with their concept.

Carolina Paz, Brazil/NYC (Aug-Oct, 2017)

For me RU residency opened connections with very special individuals and the international contemporary art environment. It’s something that is very fresh and I’m still discovering the consequences of that experience.

I sincerely love you guys. I’m RU forever! Thank you for everything.