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Aug, 2019

Terike Haapoja & Laura Gustafsson: Waiting Room

Gustafsson&Haapoja: Waiting Room
Opening: Saturday, September 7, 4 – 6 PM
Exhibition Dates: September 8 – November 10, 2019
Location: het Glazen Huis

Discussion on State Terror, Activism and Art
Saturday, September 7, het Glazen Huis 2.30 – 5 PM


A new project by Gustafsson&Haapoja undertaken in collaboration with sound designer Jaakko Autio, curated by Alice Smits. Waiting Room, specifically developed for our glass pavilion, is part of Gustafsson&Haapoja’s ongoing pursuit to explore the value systems of institutions as well as paths to a world where not only humans but life itself is central. The work investigates state-sanctioned violence and mechanisms of normalization making it invisible to society, in forms ranging from industrial factory farming to the underlying ways in which bodies are made legally killable. The project is accompanied by a publication, planned for 2021, that expands on the themes of the installations through invited articles.



Terike Haapoja

Artist Brunch Chats: Terike Haapoja

Terike Haapoja, Finland (March-May, 2016)


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