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Jul, 2016

Susanne Ewerlöf in Curatorial Program for Research 2016: Eastern Europe

Susanne Ewerlöf (Sweden), Pedro Portellano (Spain/Germany), Rosanna del Solar (Peru), Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias (Argentina), Emma Hazen (US), Melissa Aguilar (Colombia), Joseph Gergel (US/Nigeria), Alessandra Troncone (Italy).

The Curatorial Program for Research (CPR) in pleased to announce that Melissa Aguilar (Colombia), Rosanna del Solar (Peru), Susanne Ewerlöf (Sweden), Joseph Gergel (US/Nigeria), Emma Hazen (US), Pedro Portellano (Spain/Germany), Mariana Rodríguez Iglesias (Argentina), and Alessandra Troncone (Italy) have been selected to participate in the upcoming Eastern Europe program to be held in September 2016. CPR Director Carmen Ferreyra, CPR hosts Clemens Poole, Ondrej Stupal and Stanislaw Welbel, CPR Project Manager Kateryna Filyuk, CPR Academic Advisor Cecelia Thornton-Alson and CPR Director of Development Jorgelina Dacil Infer selected the international roster of curators.

For more information, visit CPR.


Susanne Ewerlöf


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