Residency Unlimited


Where does your donation go?
Your donation is 100% tax deductible and proceeds will support RU’s core residency program and services, its yearly public programs, and multiple exposure opportunities for supported artists, curators, and the projects they develop.
We are also keen to garner funds for RU’s online platform, Opportunities, where we post ongoing information about international residency possibilities. Free of charge, this service is extremely valuable to artists and curators who use it as a resource to further their professional development (currently 59k followers on Facebook).

There are many ways to give to RU, with many benefits and privileges available to you in thanks for your generosity. We thank our members and donors for their loyalty and enthusiasm, and look forward to working with new friends as we build for the future.

You can contribute by mailing a check or donate online via Dwolla, NYCharities, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

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