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Apr, 2017

Summer Night Wishes, curated by Marie-Salomé Peyronnel at Elizabeth Street Garden

Opening: Thursday, May 25th - 5-8PM
May 25 - June 12, 2017 

Elizabeth Street Garden,
Elizabeth Street between Prince st and Spring st,
New York 10012, 

RU alum Marie-Salomé Peyronnel curates the group show: Summer Night Wishes, with works by Pétrel-Roumagnac, Andrew Erdos, Riitta Ikonen, Takao Shiraishi, Gustavo Prado and Fabrizio Moretti.

The group show Summer Night Wishes, curated by Marie-Salomé Peyronnel, evokes the importance of nature in the city, the impact of man on landscapes, and acknowledges the vital (and sometimes irrecoverable) role of movement and cycles in nature, it echoes the transitions the neighborhood of Nolita is going through and that are embodied by the ominous future of Elizabeth gardens, doomed to be replaced by buildings, summer night wishes invites the audience into dreams and reveries of artists, using these times of transitions and possible losses to imagine and hope for a better future, for ourselves as much as for our environment.

About the Artists: 
American artist Andrew Erdos’ work investigates the complex relationship between humankind and its environment. He displays Incantations one of his glass mountains sculptures, a series of monumental works which inquire and celebrate the intense geological energy of the earth, and man’s ability to transfer nature and its energy into its new states and materials.

Fabrizio Morretti is a musician (The Strokes, Little Joy) and a visual artist. In Elizabeth Street Garden, he presents for the first time ever his piece Brett, a delicate and poignant installation using sunlight to bring to life the ghost of a passed loved one. Every day at a particular moment, a sun ray strikes the mirrors, and thanks to very precise calculations, Brett’s image appears on the wall/floor.

Finish artist Riitta Ikonen's practice uses nature as the stage for her performances as much as a tool and media for her 
artworks. She cut the wilted flowers that winter left behind in the garden and recycled them into a giant protective figure inspired by tribal masks.

Brazilian sculptor Gustavo Prado displays a work made of mirrors from his series The Measure of dispersion. This one is inspired by the ancient myth of Daphne turning into the tree after being touched by Apollo. Like Bernini’s sculpture of Daphne and Apollo, Gustavo Prado’s tree sculpture attempts to encapsulate perpetual movement while also playing with the ancient myth by bringing together the sun and the tree. Last April, he built The Lamp beside the golden door, a gigantic installation at Coachella music festival.

Finally, Japanese artist Takao Shiraishi has created a wooden map of Pangea, the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago, before the continents we know today broke apart. This is part of a series of Pangea maps he staples wildly in the streets of cities around the globe.

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