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Feb, 2017

Sean Wang awarded International Photographer of the Year 2016

Sean Wang (Taiwan)
When Digital Photos Getting Aged
Sean Wang(汪正翔)
Normally, We can tell a photo is new or old according to the paper condition or the resolution of camera. But we all know the fact that It has its limitation. Because both of the resolution of computer screen and our eyesight is limited. At a specific time point, we can no longer tell the difference from a new pic and old one even the camera resolution higher and higher. The history of photos seems end.
When did this happen? Because my eyesight is poor, the time came early. To me, the pics made in 2004 seem no difference form pics today. Ironically, 2004 is also the year my mom passed away . So the pics become eternal not only in visual level but also in emotional level.
In this project I try to combine my family history and the camera history. I shoot the pics from 2004 till now, not for preservation but for the purpose to making them aged. I try to restore the sense of time of photographs. Let bygones be bygones.
Sean Wang
Wang Cheng-Sean, a Taipei native, holds both a BA and MA in History from the National Taiwan University. He later received his MFA education in photography from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Sean spends his time traveling between Bitan and Taipei and actively engages with photography and criticism. Sandor Marai is his favorite writer.



Sean Wang


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