Residency Unlimited


Event | Apr 29 2013

TALK IT UP – Franck Lesbros, Aya Tateishi, Marta Rueda, Alun Williams, and Erika Latta

(Franck Lesbros) FOR SALE, 2011, Photography after site-specific installation Silver-based photography/Photographie argentique, 75×100 cm

Monday April 29, 2013, 6.30pm.

6.30pm. - Free and open to the public
Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street (green door),
Brooklyn, NY 11231

“Talk It Up” is organized within the framework of mars2bklyn / bklyn2mars, an ongoing platform for collaboration and discovery between artists and cultural venues from Brooklyn, New York, and Marseille, France. Over the course of the evening, the Marseille based artists Franck Lesbros, Aya Tateishi and Marta Rueda will exchange ideas with curator /artist Alun Willams (Parkers Box). Erika Latta (co-curator of mars2bklyn / Artistic co-Director of WaxFactory) will moderate the discussion on the vibrant artistic scene in both Marseille and Brooklyn drawing parallels and differences between the two port cities.

mars2bklyn / bklyn2mars is an ongoing platform for collaboration and discovery between artists and cultural venues from Brooklyn, New York and Marseille, France. Curated by Bertie Ferdman, Claire Hallereau and Erika Latta.

Brooklyn is to Manhattan what Marseille is to Paris: a large, prodigious, liberal, exceptionally diverse, and slightly rebellious, melting pot with strong social and cultural contrasts. As both Paris and Manhattan get more clogged and artists priced out, a shift in what is the center of creation is in the making. Brooklyn and Marseille no longer represent the “outskirts” or “the margins” of some other place: they have themselves become the centers of artistic and cutting edge innovation.

mars2bklyn / bklyn2mars aims to highlight these centers of creation, draw parallels between them, and initiate links between the two cities, within the context of an ongoing platform.

The platform will offer performances, concerts, and exhibitions, as well as panel discussions in both cities. It will initiate collaborations between artists, venues, residencies and curators from the two cities, and commission artists to inspire themselves from the ‘other’ city.

The platform will focus on artists whose work blends cultures, and integrate the essence of their city or neighborhood, or one particular aspect of it in the work. The objective is to bring about collaboration between these two port communities and highlight the locality of each city via the arts.

Opening of the platform is from April 29th- March 5th / please see for list of events and the opening party.


Franck Lesbros