Residency Unlimited


Exhibitions | Jul 11 - 21 2017

Silos: Ai Makita, Camila Lamarca, Lyoudmila Milanova, Sara Gassmann, and Conrad Botes

Sara Gassmann: KNOCHEN Series 2017. Glazed ceramics

Opening: Tuesday, July 11, 6-8.30pm
Exhibition Dates: July 11 - 21, 2017
ART 3 gallery
109 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn NY 11237

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 6pm

Curated by Rashmi Viswanathan, the group exhibition Silos features works by Ai Makita (Japan), Camila Lamarca (Argentina), Lyoudmila Milanova (Germany), Sara Gassmann (Switzerland), and Conrad Botes (South Africa).

Silos  looks at works that isolate touch, feel, and sense, and psychic experience within contained systems. They explore color and materiality, the limits and contiguities of body and machine, and natural phenomena, in silent, discrete units of reflection.

This group exhibition, featuring international artists with Residency Unlimited (RU), explores a range of material possibilities. Whether through figural works that draw one into frame-encapsulated universes, or harnessing multimedia propositions that imprison robust tactility and light and space, the artists draw attention to the discrete life worlds of captured forms.

RU Exhibition: Silos at ART 3 gallery


Rashmi Viswanathan is a New York based curator who writes on colonial-era art and its historiographies and more recent art in and related to the Contemporary. She holds a doctorate in Islamic art history from New York University Institute of Fine Arts and is a PostdoctoralFellow in Global Contemporary Art at the New School University. Having recently curated an exhibition on narrativity for the Princeton University Art Museum, she is currently curator in residence at RU and Alwan for the Arts.

In her painterly practice, Ai Makita combines digital and analog methods to express her view of the human world. She creates layers of painted and digital images that are piled on top of each other. Makita is a recipient of 18th. Taro Okamoto Award from Okamoto Taro Museum, 2015 1st. Terrada Art Award in Tokyo, and Art Award Next 2012 in Tokyo. Her works are in the collection of Museum of Tokyo Art University and Takahashi Collection.

Camila Lamarca uses painting, sculpture, and installation to create scenographic and three-dimensional spaces based in material investigation. Two main axes of research define her practice: the expressive qualities of color and the materiality of objects. Lamarca is the recipient of  the  Prilidiano Pueyrredón  Prize (2014) and the Pintura Felix de Amador Award (2014). She is represented by HILO Galeria in Buenos Aires.

Lyoudmila Milanova is a media artist who works across the boundaries of video, installation and performance. She investigates the nature of the process, the gradual change, by those tiny, almost invisible moments of transitions when the standstill turns to movement, the static to the kinetic, or vice versa. Milanova is the recipient of the 2015 Nomination for Villa Aurora grant (LA); 2013 Nomination for Nordrhein-Westfallen Award for young media artists (GR) and 2010 Best of Porsche Award, Filmakademie Baden Württemberg (GR).

Sara Gassmann creates process-oriented paintings, objects and installations which operate on similar principles as when shapes, colors, and materials interact with each other. Her works can be related to poems or music covering a wide range of sounds from “subtle, loud and disturbing dissonances to reflective moods and daytime light situations.”  She is the recipient of Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai CN Award (2016) and Art Space Geumcheon Seoul Kr Artist Residency (2015). Her work was recently \commissioned by Art in Buildings here in New York.

Conrad Botes' painting, printmaking and sculptural practice is rooted in comic book drawing. He is co-founder with Anton Kannemeyer of the iconoclastic comics magazine Bitterkomix. The narrative content of Botes’ work is usually related to race, gender and violence and their disturbing relationship to power and hierarchy.This biting satire, frequently directed at South African society, politics and religion, is channeled into his practice. His work is in the permanent collection of Museum of Modern Art Print Collection in New York City.

RU is tremendously grateful to ART 3 gallery for hosting this exhibition. This program benefits from the support from Pola Art Foundation, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina and HILO Galeria, Buenos Aires, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Atelier Mondial Basel (Christoph Merian Stiftung Basel), and Yellowwoods Art.

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