Residency Unlimited


RU programs exhibitions, talks, and events that are centered around the practices and projects of resident artists and curators. These programs are free and open to the public, taking place at RU or at partnering venues throughout New York. Due to COVID-19, RU is temporarily closed and all programming has moved online. Please stay connected through our website, weekly E-Blasts and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @residencyunlimited.

May 13 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Fiction/Reality – Pauline Batista and Ana Kuzmanić in conversation with Charlene K. Lau

May 9 2019 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Exhibition Design in Poland, as examined by Aleksandra Jach and Krzysztof Skoczylas

Apr 28 2019 3pm

Open Studio: Lauren Berkowitz

May 4 2019 2pm


May 2 2019 6pm

The Influence of Online Art Platforms on Market Infrastructure in Emerging Markets

Apr 18 2019 6.30pm

Dirt & Debt Suppers Biweekly Series: Iain Kerr, SPURSE

Apr 11 2019 6.30pm

Dirt & Debt Suppers Biweekly Series: Tattfoo Tan

Apr 27 2019 7pm

RU Talk: An Evening Conversation on Dirt & Debt: Ecology, Finance and Art at the Community Level

Apr 23 2019 6.30pm

RU Exhibition: Also today is an omen?, performance by Héctor Jiménez Castillo

Oct 19 2018

Arts & Education Workshops: Deus Ex Machina – The Future Machine, by Neža Knez at Charles O. Dewey Middle School 136 in Brooklyn

Apr 12 - 21 2019

RU Exhibition: CONTINGENCIES at Compère Collective

Apr 6 2019 12pm

Artist Brunch Chats: Lauren Berkowitz

Feb 21 2019 6.30pm

Dirt & Debt Suppers Biweekly Series: Melissa Metrick and Umber Bawa

Mar 30 2019 7pm

RU Exhibition: THROUGH THE KĀLI-EROS – Immersive Performance in Installation, Kuldeep Singh

Mar 28 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Heesoo Kim and Emília Rigová in conversation with Jovana Stokic

Mar 21 2019 6.30pm

Dirt & Debt Biweekly Suppers Series with guest speaker: Lee Davies

Mar 19 2019 6.30pm

RU Talk: Top View, Close Look, Igor Bošnjak & Martin Penev

Mar 5 - 11 2019

RU Exhibition: Real Fairy Tale, SPRING/BREAK Art Show NYC

Feb 7 2019 6.30pm

Dirt & Debt Suppers Biweekly Series: Allie Wist

Feb 21 2019 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Adam Yokell, Foundwork

Feb 5 2019 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Abdullah Qureshi

Jan 25 - 27 2019

RU Exhibition: May Be A Donkey, Myriam Casanova and Jérôme Stünzi at Realty Collective

Nov 20 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Glexis Novoa in conversation with Marcela Guerrero

Nov 16 - 27 2018

RU Exhibition: mono no aware

Nov 15 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Remijon Pronja and duo Lőrinc Borsos in conversation with Shimrit Lee

Nov 2 2018 6.30pm

RU Event: Portal at a divided fountain, Liza Grobler and Heinrich Kruse

Nov 1 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: The Good Death Roundtable with Heide Hatry

Oct 18 - 28 2018

Exhibition: Luv Till It Hurts by Kairon Liu

Oct 20 2018 12pm

Ace Hotel Artist Brunch Chats: Carl Martin Hansen

Oct 9 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Neža Knez and Nadežda Kirćanski In Conversation with Osman Can Yerebakan

Oct 17 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Osvaldo Gonzalez Aguiar in dialogue with Andrea Valencia Aranda

Oct 11 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Tymek Borowski in conversation with Elizabeth Grady