Residency Unlimited


Each month RU programs talks, exhibitions and events involving the RU artists and curators in residency, their practice and projects. These public programs are free and are organized at the RU event space or in other venues throughout New York made possible through RU’s partnerships.

May 17 - Jun 6 2018

Fugitive Designs: Debora Hirsch, Gustavo Speridião, Ramyar Vala, and Alisha Wessler

May 15 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Matej Knežević and Meriton Maloku in conversation with Ksenia Nouril

May 10 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: alt_break art fair – Audra Lambert, Kimberly Kitada and Adam Zucker

Apr 26 2018 6.30pm

Javier M. Rodriguez in conversation with Irena Kovarova

Apr 30 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Tiago de Abreu Pinto

Apr 25 2018 6.45pm

Escaping my corpse, by Catarina de Oliveira and ‘tales of a self’, by Katarína Hrušková

Apr 19 - 20 2018

Collective motion, by Ginta Vasermane and Maciej Madracki (F.L.O.A.T.)

Apr 12 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Siniša Radulović and Katarína Hrušková in conversation with Jenny Gerow

Apr 6 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: JUJU U in conversation with Yukie Kamiya

Mar 22 2018 7pm

Curating Arts and Public Health with South African Curatorial Resident MC Roodt

Mar 28 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: New Family

Mar 27 2018 6:30pm

RU Talk: Martina Vacheva in conversation with Nora Boyd

Mar 13 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Avi Lubin

Mar 20 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Luciana Solano and Dalton Paula

Feb 22 2018 1pm

The Meet Lunch: Naomi Lev, ArtistsandWriters4Ever

Feb 26 2018 6.30pm

Joana P. R. Neves: Following the Indexical Line

Nov 30 - Dec 16 2017

Collapse of Vision: Eva Davidova, Dakota Gearhart, Ryan Kuo and Farideh Sakhaeifer

Nov 10 - 26 2017

Cultivated Memory: Archaeologies of the Imagined

Nov 14 2017 4pm

Non-selection as curation by Luka Knežević Strika and Jelena Mijić

Nov 16 2017 6.30pm

Vertical Acoustics by András Blazsek

Nov 9 - 10 2017

Flip Flap by Youngho Lee

Oct 30 2017 6.30pm

Jelena Mijić and Simon Hudolin/Mateja Rojc (Small But Dangers) in conversation w/ Amir Husak

Oct 28 2017 1-9pm

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels

Oct 24 2017 6.30pm

RU/Liquitex Artist Talk: Kristy Hughes and Daniel Mantilla in conversation w/ Thomas Micchelli and Jennifer Samet

Oct 19 - 22 2017

RU Exhibition: A part of it by Chen An-An, Chang Yun Han and Carolina Paz

Oct 3 2017 5.30pm

Haiti, Brooklyn, Harlem: An Artist’s Perspective

Sep 28 2017 6.30pm

Mimi Cherono Ng’ok in conversation with the curator Anna Harsanyi

Sep 9 2017 12pm

Ace Hotel Artist Brunch Chats: Andrew Nicholls

Aug 4 - Sep 17 2017

On Illusions: Naomi Okubo and Kuniyasu Sakaizawa

Aug 15 2017 2pm

Liquitex Cadmium-Free Acrylic Paint Workshop Led by Artist Nadine Mahoney

Jul 24 2017 6.30pm

Jorge Wellesley and Elizabet Cerviño in conversation w/ Meyken Barreto and María de Lourdes Mariño Fernandez

Jul 8 - 29 2017

The Witnessing Event: Anna Orlikowska, Željka Blakšić aka Gita Blak, Joshua Nierodzinski, and Georg Petermichl