Residency Unlimited


Each month RU programs talks, exhibitions and events involving the RU artists and curators in residency, their practice and projects. These public programs are free and are organized at the RU event space or in other venues throughout New York made possible through RU’s partnerships.

Nov 16 - 27 2018

RU Exhibition: mono no aware

Nov 15 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Remijon Pronja and duo Lőrinc Borsos in conversation with Shimrit Lee

Nov 2 2018 6.30pm

RU Event: Portal at a divided fountain, Liza Grobler and Heinrich Kruse

Nov 1 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: The Good Death Roundtable with Heide Hatry

Oct 18 - 28 2018

Exhibition: Luv Till It Hurts by Kairon Liu

Oct 20 2018 12pm

Ace Hotel Artist Brunch Chats: Carl Martin Hansen

Oct 9 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Neža Knez and Nadežda Kirćanski In Conversation with Osman Can Yerebakan

Oct 17 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Osvaldo Gonzalez Aguiar in dialogue with Andrea Valencia Aranda

Oct 11 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Tymek Borowski in conversation with Elizabeth Grady

Sep 18 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Maess Anand in conversation with Monicka Wielgos-Bonvallet

Sep 15 - Oct 14 2018

RU Exhibition: The Impossibility of Form

Sep 28 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Michel Perez and Alain Pino in conversation with Elvis Fuentes and Rafael DiazCasas

Sep 25 2018 1pm

RU Workshop: The ANT Project

Sep 4 2018 6pm

RU Event: Arlington Heights

Aug 23 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Karian Amaya in conversation with Monica Espinel

Aug 9 2018 7pm

RU/17ESSEX Talk: Verica Kovacevska in conversation with Lisa Sigal

Aug 28 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Jorge Otero in conversation with Meyken Barreto

Aug 13 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Martin Kohout in conversation with Frankie Altamura

Aug 11 2018 12pm

Ace Hotel Artist Brunch Chats: Regina Parra

Aug 1 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: CEC ArtsLink’s Liza Matveeva (Back Apartment Residency) and Natasha Ergens (Art Prospect Project)

Oct 17 2018 8am

Kundalini Yoga Class: Expand Your Creativity

Sep 30 2018 3pm

RU Event: Vapor nº2, by Tomás Cunha Ferreira

Sep 12 - Nov 26 2018

PAST – RU’s 2018 Residency Raffle – Win one month residency in Serbia!

Jul 30 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Lek Gjeloshi in conversation with Meghan Forbes

Jul 26 2018 6pm

RU Exhibition: ‘Tell It Like It Is’, by Seán Hannan

Jul 19 - 28 2018

RU Exhibition: Scrims & Blurs

Jul 18 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Anaïs Duplan presents the Center for Afrofuturist Studies

Jul 2 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: How to Make a Monument (Dis)Appear

Jul 11 - 16 2018

RU Exhibition: common place

Jun 26 2018 6.30pm

RU Talk: Tomas Diaz Cedeño in conversation with Verónica Flom

Jun 15 2018 1pm

Meet Over Lunch: Bárbara Wagner in conversation with Luciana Solano

Jun 19 2018 6.30pm

RU Exhibition: Zerre by ha:ar | Hande Şekerciler and Arda Yalkın