Residency Unlimited


Exhibitions | Jun 28 - Jul 20 2015

“Dissection” by Filipe Cortez / Open Studio at Governor’s Island

Detail of site specific "Dissection" by Filipe Cortez, 2015. Photographer: Lise Leclerc

Art Kibbutz and Residency Unlimited (RU) present a site specific installation Dissection by Filipe Cortez

June 28 - July 20, 2015
Noland Park 6B, Governor's Island
On Sundays between 12pm and 4pm by appointment only through July 20.
Please e-mail Filipe Cortez at

Cortez investigates the materials and residue of the decaying building interior, Noland Park 6B on Governor's Island recalling the passage of time and transformation. Taking advantage of the history and the aesthetic of the architecture, Cortez site specifically peels several latex skins from the walls, collects remains of paint pigment as well as found objects to produce this installation Dissection in the different spaces of the building. The artist dissects materials such as shaved dust, displays remnants  of collected paint as well as suspended latex skins. This environment bears traces of aging and degradation of the architectural body, accentuating cracks, holes and imperfections. As such they represent the deposit of past lives recalling our mortality.

Filipe Cortez (b. 1986) lives and works in Oporto (Portugal). As a result of his residency at RU, he was invited by the Department of Signs and Symbols to show work in the second edition of the NEWD art fair in Bushwick. In In 2011 he was awarded the 1st Prize of the Second International Painting Biennial in Coimbra (Portugal). He is currently developing a new body of work at Governor's Island which will be open to the public over the summer.
Cortez has shown work at the Peach Gallery, Toronto, Canada. In July 2015, the art centre Dept of Signs and Symbols in Vinegar Hill has invited Cortez to do his first solo show in New York.


Art kibbutz is an international artist colony hosting over 75 artists in its summer residency program on Governors Island and providing workspace, programming and networking opportunities. The theme for this summer is Shmita, the Biblically mandated Shabbatical year


Filipe Cortez