Residency Unlimited


RU programs exhibitions, talks, and events that are centered around the practices and projects of resident artists and curators. These programs are free and open to the public, taking place at RU or at partnering venues throughout New York. Due to COVID-19, RU is temporarily closed and all programming has moved online. Please stay connected through our website, weekly E-Blasts and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @residencyunlimited.

Jan 22 2021

Thinking Food Futures: Virtual Exhibition on Food Justice, Resilience, and Adaptation

Outside In: Kings County Psych by Charlie Gross

Sammy and Mya at Canarsie Pier after the day at PHP

Residency Unlimited (RU) Program Highlights 2021

RU TALK: Blackspace Conversation Series

2021 Lead Artists for NYC Health + Hospitals Community Murals Project

Jan 9 2021 2pm EST

Meet over Lunch: Mbira: The Ancestral Resonance

RU Program Highlights 2020

Dec 15 2020 6 pm EST

RU TALK Searching for Missing Narratives : Karol Radziszewski, Carlos Motta and Laura Raicovich in conversation

Thinking Food Futures Brochure Symposium

Dec 12 - 13 2020

Thinking Food Futures: An Interdisciplinary Symposium and Exhibition on Food Justice, Resilience, and Adaptation

Nov 19 2020 12pm - 6pm & Talk at 6pm

New work by María de los Àngeles Rodríguez Jiménez & artist conversation with Amy Rosenblum-Martín

Nov 13 2020 1 pm

Meet Over Lunch: ACROSS THE POND (AtP)

Nov 6 2020 1 - 2:30 pm

Online Kundalini Yoga Session Open to All

Oct 27 2020

Exhibition Walkthrough Online: This side, or the other…

RU Brochure 2020

Oct 23 2020 , sunrise to sunset

Performance: X-Agent Destroy Monster Regimes


Oct 9 - 31 2020

This side, or the other…

Sep 29 2020 1 pm

Meet Over Lunch Online: Francesca Bellini Joseph

Sep 18 2020 4pm

The Ant Project Virtual Workshop


2019 the Cultural Development Fund, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Program Report

Food Futures Residency Program Report

2020 NYC-Based Artist Residency Report

Jul 25 2020 4 pm

Thinking Food Futures

Jul 16 2020 6 pm

The 2020 NYC Artist Salon-Style Hang

Jul 2 2020 1 pm

Meet Over Lunch Online: 50 Women Project 

Jun 22 - 26 2020

Center for Afrofuturist Studies Social Media Takeover

Jun 25 - 28 2020

RU Exhibition at CADAF: Windows To The World

Jun 8 - Jul 28 2020

The End of the Grand Tour?

May 12 2020

Ziyang Wu: A Woman with Technology

May 9 - Jul 31 2020

Postcards From Home