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Farside Collective


Farside Collective Foundation is a not for profit working with cultural activation by mediums of contemporary art, independent publications and design.
Our work moves around multi-disciplinary practices of design and contemporary arts; shifting between the two and finding inspirations from history, sock-cultural dynamics and personal memories. Our work is influenced by what we see and observe in areas of collective memories of people and how societies are influenced by them. The works are inspired from context-driven local methods and processes; manifesting in forms of visual and experiential narratives. We strongly believe in the power of history to impact societies and seeks inspiration from it for applications in contemporary art and design.We look at societies and people to derive meanings from them in a non-judgemental way and critically examine the political, social and cultural connotations attached to them to process them and create my expressions towards them.

Contact Information

Farside Collective
Phandey House, Sankar Footpath
Leh, Jammu & Kashmir 194101



Published Open Calls:

Impressions2.0 //Leh Art+Design 2018//

Impressions 2.0 //Leh Art+Design//