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World Art Economies Forum (FoméA) – About alternatives economies to the art market

Deadline: 2 May, 2018

Disciplines: All Disciplines.

Location: Paris, France

Deadline: 2 May, 2018

Duration: 2 days

Eligibility: Free

Support: workspace, specific networking frame

Costs: Free


Program Description:

Created by Biennale de Paris, the World Art Economies Forum (FoméA) will take place from June 30 to July 1st, 2018 in Paris.

Talks, workshops, courses, panel discussions and documentaires stand will take place over two days. The World Art Economies Forum (FoméA) will gather players of the art world, society and economy around the subject of alternative economic initiatives in the art market.

Forum goals
– promote alternative economies to the object-based art market;
– strenghten independent economies of the art market serving of artists and structures;
– promote innovative economies in the field of art and culture;
– favor synergies and collaborations between the actors in these economies;
– generate inclusive business models;
– accomodate initiatives and projects in line with these objectives;
– support anything that challenges the hegemony of the art market.

Why are we organizing this forum ?
The forum claims that art economy is not limited to the art marketand that the market is not the factor legitimizing living artists. In a political, economic and social context of Europe and the world, marked by nationalist tendencies and the decline of neo-liberalism, the World Forum of Economies of Art (FoméA) has been created as a response to the influence and the monopoly the art market has on artists and art.

The art market controls the whole established eco-system thatresponds primarily to the needs of only a limited partthe art world actors. The work of the Biennale de Paris has revealed over the course of over 15 years that more and more contemporary artistsand their practices are completely excluded from this system that has become somewhat archaic and disconnected from the realities of art. The art market being a factor of exclusion and discrimination is not suitable for all contemporary art.

Forum modus operandi
The forum will provide a unique context generating a realcritique through concrete actions, initiatives and proposals which might also turn out to be solutions alternative to the art market. The forum will be organized in the form of an archipelago of stands with its own autonomous dynamics. With a circulation between all the players, the forum will be structured as a holding.

Any entity (individuals, groups, networks, federations, unions, organizations,structures, institutions, etc.) can freely participate in the forum by proposing any type of initiative (projet, activity, idea, etc) regardless of their progress of feasibility.

Applications are processed in the order they are received andcan be done in french or english. Participants can working in any language during the forum.

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