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Textile & Fibre Arts Residency, Icelandic Spring and Fall/Winter 2018

Deadline: 12 Jan, 2018

Disciplines: Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Crafts & Trades, Curatorial, Design, Experimental, Fine art, Installation, Performance, Research, Social Practice, Textile, Theater, Visual Arts.

Location: Blönduós, NW, Iceland

Deadline: 12 Jan, 2018

Duration: February to April 2018 and September to December - 1-4 months

Eligibility: Textiles based research, development, arts, and practice.

Support: Skill-sharing initiative to foster learning and exchange.

Costs: €700 /month January - April and October - December standard residency cost, all facilities included.


Program Description:


In a region well known for Northern Lights, Iceland.

The Icelandic Textile Center is now accepting applications from artists working in textiles for residencies of 1 or more months. Emerging and established artists are encouraged to apply. Disciplines may include textiles for performance, weaving, tapestry, embroidery, contemporary design, fashion, or other applied streams where textiles are used within one’s creative practice.

The Icelandic Textile Center hosts artists in the former women’s school of Blönduós, Iceland, and as such includes use of the in-house facilities:- weaving loft, shared studios, basic dye studio, spinning wheels, and a small gallery space for a final exhibition. Artists are housed in private rooms on the 3rd floor with shared living amenities. The building also hosts a museum of the Women’s School, and is located next door to the only textile arts museum in Iceland.

Artists are advised to carry the knowledge of their required tools or techniques, as no formal lessons are available at the residency. Informal learning between the artists is common. The residency supports artists by providing essential time, space, and focus, as well as positioning one’s practice amidst a context of agriculture, wool, and Icelandic nature. The local textile industry includes the Ístex wool washing factory (Blönduós), Gestastofa Sútarans fish and leather tannery (Sauðárkrókur), and a rich historic heritage and knitting culture within the area.

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