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Soap Factory Midwest Residency

Deadline: 28 Feb, 2018

Disciplines: All Disciplines, Fine art, Visual Arts.

Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Deadline: 28 Feb, 2018

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility: Artists must be 18+ years old. Open to individual artists or one – four person collectives. Artists looking to participate cannot be currently enrolled (at the time of the residency: June – November, 2018) in an education institution that provides residency programs. For this opportunity you must currently be residing in the Midwest, United States. Are you familiar with the term “rust belt” or “corn sweat” ?, have you ever participated in a meat raffle or smirked at the fact that we have meat raffles but secretly love it?.. we’re looking at you. And yes, you are included in the Midwest, Kansas and Missouri ;).

Support: PROVIDED SUPPORT: _Private Studio _Material Stipend _Accomodations in Minneapolis (If from out of town) _Documentation _Network of artists, curators, and arts administrators _Installation and building support LET’S TALK DOLLARS: $500 material stipend is given to the A-I-R, or collective, at the beginning of their residency. Free accommodation during your visits to MPLS (only available for artists residing outside of the Twin Cities).

Costs: The Soap Factory will be providing artists with a material stipend, studio, and accomodations. Artists are responsible for any additional costs. The Soap Factory provides a promotional platform, documentation, interviews, and artist talks. We do not provide insurance coverage for work created during or following your residency. All work is shown at the artist or curator’s own risk.


Program Description:

The Soap Factory (TSF) aims to provide an opportunity to research, produce, and exhibit during a three-month residency in our building. This three-month residency program asks emerging to mid-career artists, or collectives, from the Midwest to develop and share their practice with our audiences.

The Midwest A-I-Rs are provided a material stipend, private studio, and access to our woodshop and workshop spaces. Studio visits by visiting curators and artists will be offered once a month. All participants are asked to present work developed during their residency; culminating in an exhibition, performance, public event, or publication. Work presented will be exhibited in our new residency gallery spaces.

Artists from all disciplines are welcome to apply. This residency aims at strengthening the practice of, cultural exchange between, and career development of Midwest artists; Artists currently working in the MN Metro area, Greater MN, and Midwest region are encouraged to apply.

More Info:

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