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Disciplines: Printmaking.

Location: Serrazzano, PISA, Italy

Duration: Five Days Minimum

Eligibility: Advanced/Dedicated printmakers

Support: TWOCENTSPRESS supports all intaglio printmaking techniques, with a fully equipped workshop.

Costs: 24/7 exclusive workshop access costs €40 per day, per person. Extra materials are sold at cost. Accommodation in a two bedroom apartment with breathtaking views, adjacent to the workshop costs €45 for one person (per day), €70 for two persons (€35 each), €90 for three (€30 each), and €100 for four (€25 each).


Program Description:

Think of it as a unique reasonably priced airbnb located in an extraordinary natural setting where artists are housed in a charming two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a historic building in the Castle of Serrazzano and have exclusive unlimited 24/7 access to an adjacent atelier (the yellow door) fully equipped for all intaglio printmaking techniques.
It is the perfect site for an artist who wants to reconnect with nature, away from the pollution, the noise and the congestion of the global urban settings and wishes to work in peace, in a timeless environment.
And then there is the proximity of the great art cities - Siena, Volterra, Pisa, Florence - where one can go in the morning, fill up with art, and return in the evening to the quiet and the privacy of one's own practice.
The TwoCentsPress atelier includes a print room with a 24" x 47" etching press and a large etching room with etching sink, metal cutter, rosin box, two hot plates, light boxes, paper cutter and a vast array of tools and supplies for etching, engraving, mezzotint...
Supplies like photographic paper, quality printing paper, copper plates, gelatin, photopolymer plates and Arista film are sold at cost.
Instruction is available on request.

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