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Open Call, Spring-Fall 2017


Disciplines: All Disciplines, Ceramics, Collaboration, Crafts & Trades, Design, Experimental, Fine art, Installation, Light and Projection, Literature, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Writing.

Location: Fujioka, Gunma, Japan

Duration: 4 to 5 1/2 Weeks

Eligibility: Age 25+

Support: Studios, Housing, Translation, Group Exhibition, Wood Shop, Workshops

Costs: Since the residency is divided into groups, artists are charged a flat participation fee for each section. There is no weekly or daily charge. The fee covers staff support, a private bedroom, studio space, access to the wood shop tools and equipment, flyer printing expenses and any civic center rental fees. 2017 participation fee is 13500 yen.


Program Description:

10 artists will live and work in the small town of Onishi.
Our program introduces the Japanese countryside to artists. The residency facilities are made up of 7 buildings and a 2 acre, 280 year-old sake brewery. We offer private studios, opportunities to work with the surrounding community, workshops, exhibition spaces, comfortable accommodations, and a central location that allows guests to shop and get around town without the need of a car.
While most foreigners visit Japan's urban areas, the popularity of those destinations overshadow the larger rural landscape. Visitors staying in the countryside have the opportunity intimately know the people living there. The town of Onishi is typical of the larger economic and population aeging problems Japan faces. Artists staying at Shiro Oni studio will be bringing diversity and cultural exchange to an area of Japan too often overlooked.

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