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Open call: residency for artistic research projects

Deadline: 30 May, 2017

Disciplines: Research.

Location: San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Deadline: 30 May, 2017

Duration: 12 weeks

Eligibility: This invitation for applications is open to all physical or legal persons, from the Basque Autonomous Community, national and international, who are professionally involved in the development of artistic projects, either part-time or full-time, in the contemporary art sector or who show the desire to start a professional career in this sector. Natural or legal persons may also be submitted to the call, together, without requiring the formalization of any relationship between them, in which case it may apply the provisions in the final paragraph of Clause 5.

Support: 1. Travel and accommodation: 1.1. For the artist/agent living outside the Basque Autonomous Community: - Return journey, from his/her residence or from wherever he/she may be just before the time period of the residency in Tabakalera. - A double-room with bathroom and a small working area, with wifi; shared kitchen and living room. 1.2. For the artist/agent living in the Basque Autonomous Community: - If the local artist/cultural agent lives outside of San Sebastian or outskirts, he/she will also have the option to benefit from accommodation, with the same characteristics mentioned, or a maximum of 500€ per month of residency as allowance for transport. 2. Medical insurance during the period of residency, for the non-local artist or agent in the case of a foreigner. 3. €1.000 (excluding taxes and deductions) per month of residence as allowance for subsistence and maintenance. 5. A work space in Tabakalera's production area, equipped with the basic furniture, lighting and electricity. 6. Access to the office and common spaces. 7. Access to Tabakalera's specialised creation library. 8. Access to image and sound edition spaces, a set or scenic practices space. 9. Technical resources and help from the technical team according to requirements and availability. 10. Conceptual assistance with the development of the project as well as assistance and help in introducing it to different agents and projects in the same context, if required by the resident. 11. Economic assistance of €4.000 for the research process (taxes excluded). 12. Production budget for the development of the activities, a maximum of €25.000 (excluding taxes), which necessarily will go to such production. Production budget will be managed through the person assigned by Tabakalera.

Costs: -


Program Description:

The aim of this call is to offer a residency to contribute to the support of research processes within the artistic context; understanding artistic research as another phase within the process of artistic creation.

The residency will be developed during 2018, and it consists of two parts; the first is the research, which will take place during the twelve weeks of residency, while the second part is a programme of activities or open sessions generated from the research process, and that will be developed throughout 2018. The residency and the programme of activities may be interspersed with each other if the resident may find it convenient for the development of the project.

The public programme will be included in Tabakalera’s programme of activities, and it may involve meetings between researchers, professionals and other agents, symposiums, conferences, talks, screenings, presentations or invitations for other agents to get involved with the residency. The proposed dates and activities will be agreed with Tabakalera and members of the jury.

This call is open to artists or cultural agents living in Basque Autonomous Community, as well as national and international. One project will be selected from all the proposals received.

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