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Deadline: 22 Jun, 2017

Disciplines: All Disciplines.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Deadline: 22 Jun, 2017

Duration: 1st November - 29th November

Eligibility: Open to all with relevant interest and experience

Support: Accommodation, studio, lunch, weekly group dinners, 2000 NOK stipend towards food

Costs: 60 NOK (approx. US$6), travel, shipping of work produced, any additional costs


Program Description:

PRAKSIS and Norsk Kuratorforening (The Norwegian Association of Curators) are pleased to invite curator and writer, Natasha Marie Llorens (US) to develop Residency No. 8 to be held from 1 November - 29 November 2017.

This residency will take the form of a masterclass with a horizontal structure, with all participants contributing and gaining from each other. Over the course of the month, Llorens and the residency group will examine the curator’s role in facilitating social practice in contemporary art, foregrounding the ethical questions of their involvement. Research and discussion will start out from Llorens’s recent critique of Claire Bishop’s 2012 book Artificial Hells. Published in Contemporary Art Stavanger’s online journal earlier this year, Llorens’s text defines social practice art as an art form that produces events and situations that are out of artists’ and curators’ control, and asks how the idea of responsibility applies in such cases. During the residency, she and the residents will explore ways that social practice might focus more on the ambivalent meanings of relations between people, and less on the authored gesture. How might this be achieved? What new kinds of curatorial practice might support it? And would such practices shape the work of independent curators differently from the activities of institutional curatorship?


PRAKSIS is seeking to assemble a close residency community of approximately 5-8 creative people working on individual projects, who also wish to participate actively in discussion and creative exchange. The selection emphasis will be towards (a) curators working with social practice and (b) other practioners or researchers with a specific interest in the themes and ideas.

This residency is multidisciplinary: applications are welcomed from anyone with relevant experience and interests. PRAKSIS aims to provide an environment for development and professional growth: applications are welcome from practitioners of differing ages and experience levels.


Prior to the start of the residency in November a familiarity with the following texts is required:

Judith Butler, Senses of the Subject (2015)
Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric (2014)
Shannon Jackson, Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Public (2011)
Antjie Krog, Country of My Skull (1998)


English is the common language at PRAKSIS and residents must be sufficiently fluent to participate in group discussion and activity.
Residents are expected to involve themselves fully in the work of the residency: joining meals, participating in events and engaging with the resident community.
Accepting a residency involves a commitment to participation for the full residency term.

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