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lugar a dudas International Residency Program


Disciplines: Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Concept & Theory, Critical studies, Curatorial, Drawing, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Installation, Media Arts, Painting, Performance, Photography, Research, Sculpture, Social Practice, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Duration: Between six weeks and three montns

Eligibility: 1. Personal information/ Full Name/ Date of birth/ Nationality/ Passport number/ Current address/ Cellphone number/ E-mail/ Website 2. Portfolio: brief description of the work conducted in the last three (3) years. We recommend including images in a pdf document not heavier than 10MB. 3. Curriculum Vitae. 4. A motivation letter resuming the interest driving the applicant to the residency. What would this context add to your practice proccess? What relationship would you expect between these two variables? 5. Two reference letters. These must come from qualified people who know the applicants artistic trajectory. All material must be sent in e-mail form in a PDF format.

Support: lugar a dudas has 5 rooms, each one with wi-fi, fan, closet, a private bathroom, work spaces, kitchen, laundry, terrance and small pool. All these are located at the “Esto no es un hotel” house, in the Granada neighbourhood, 100m away from lugar a dudas with free acces to the center of documentation supplied with more than 3000 publications of contemporary art.

Costs: The artists must ressolve by its own means or helped by scholarships or aids, the resources for accommodation, sustenance, travel expenses and local transport. Six weeks 960 USD, eight weeks 1280 USD, twelve weeks 1920 USD.


Program Description:

Lugar a dudas residency program offers opportunities to artists, curators, writers and other art and culture field agents to explore and examine different forms and formats of interaction which will provide collaboration material between individuals, disciplines, and subjectivities, as a starting point for art practice, critical thinking and social agency.

The main goal of the program is to integrate the resident’s experiences to Cali’s own cultural network, through the activities that take place at lugar a dudas and the relationship of the residents with local cultural agents. The program stimulates collaborative practices, research process, and movement across disciplines and wisdoms that contribute to thought production, experimentation and complexity.

During their stay, residents are invited to participate as workshop facilitators and speakers, to present and share their work and interest, to link to local practices and agents that may be valuable for their own creation and thought production processes.

Lugar a dudas conducts interviews documenting each one of the residents experiences and shares and promotes through its web page and social networks the activities the residents program.

Residency premises are located a block away from lugar a dudas, in the traditional Granada neighbourhood, in Cali. Rooms are provided with a private bathroom a closet and a working space, residents share wide communal areas such as the kitchen, dining room, two workshop spaces, a patio and a terrace.

During their stay, residents are handed the necessary information to stablish contact and relations with the local art filed, art schools and universities, as well as an open to discussion space and a nurturing environment for research and artistic production.

Redes/ Networks

The residency program of lugar a dudas started in 2006 generating a collaborative work with other spaces and different national and international organizations. In that same year, by director of Gasworks Alessio Antolioni’s initiative, lugar a dudas brought together the first residency network alongside with Capacete in Rio de Janeiro, El Basilisco in Buenos Aires and Kiosko in La Paz, originating a south-south exchange for the first time.

This initiative was a detonator for the creation of Residencias_en_red[Iberoamérica], a network comprised by 28 organizations in South America, Spain and Portugal.

With the support of AECID (Spanish Agency for the International Cooperation for Development) and the Cultural Centers Network of Spain in Iberoamerica, the network created a platform that between 2008 and 2012 nurtured each of the organizations and provided a permanent space for dialogue and work between the conforming organizations. It also fostered and supported mobility for artists, investigators and agents.

In 2012 lugar a dudas started a collaboration with the RESÒ network, a residency exchange network for education and artistic programmes located in the italian foothill region. RESÒ’s main goal is to promote new relationships, cultural exchanges and creative production.

Through the Triangle Network lugar a dudas collaborates with the Knowledge and Skills Sharing Residency program.

Locally it collaborates with a two-way residency exchange program through the support of Taller 7, Medellín.

Colombian ministry of culture provides a yearly grant to conduct a residency.

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About the city

Santiago de Cali is the third most important city in Colombia, with about three million inhabitants, it has been the scenery of important independent initiatives, mostly self-managed. Its average temperature is about 23 °C and its 90 minutes away from the pacific ocean by public transportation.

Main image: the work of Robin Touchard, artis in residency in 2017.

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