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Disciplines: Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Concept & Theory, Curatorial, Digital, Experimental, Fine art, Installation, Journalism, Media Arts, Photography, Research, Visual Arts.

Location: Aulus Les Bains, Pyrenees, France

Duration: 5 days

Eligibility: Over 18

Support: CAMP offers grants, bursaries, match funding and discounts to help with the costs of attending a session - see for more information

Costs: Full price: €1299 / $1429 / £1119 (can be paid over four payements). Grants, bursaries and discounts are available.


Program Description:

CAMP is the first of a new breed of arts residency. We run five-day residential arts, music, writing, philosophy, environmental and arts-activist sessions. These are no ordinary courses - they are intense, artistic catalysts run by internationally acclaimed practitioners; creative flashpoints designed to change the lives of everyone involved. Our current program includes opportunities to study with Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost, celebrated composer Gavin Bryars, Cabaret Voltaire founder and world-famous sound recordist Chris Watson, legendary performance artist Anne Bean, ambient guru Laraaji, NYC avant-garde composer/performer/artist Eli Keszler, revolutionary soundseeker/composer Christina Kubisch and many others.

It's a place where great art is made, new movements are formed, new ideas are explored and groundbreaking people are nurtured. It's about generating revolutions, incubating creative minds and bringing the best emerging practitioners in all artistic fields to their full potential.

This CAMP session concerns telling tales about the land, and our relationship to it. It's about using photography and text to reveal stories about the local environment and community, and the relationship that we have to the landscape and the ecosystems within it; reflecting back onto ourselves, and considering the possibility of revealing something about our human nature and what that means in today's world.

During the workshop we will research, explore and photograph the relationships between humans and nature in the stunning landscape of the Haute Couserans mountains. We will meet local people, explore their relationships to the land, examine the effects of human life on the landscape and consider how these effects might appear as traces or indications of human experience. We will find local stories about the landscape and devise ways to weave these into our picture making. We will set stories in stone, create modern myths about this place, and the humans who exist within it, or respond to it.

We will explore new and innovative ways of combining photography with other mediums and approaches to tell stories, and at the end of the workshop we will produce a book that includes the work we've created. This will be a book of modern myths, an assemblage of folk tales about the essence of human nature in Aulus les Bains today.

Outside of the project we'll hold portfolio reviews, informal discussions, on-to-one coaching sessions, film screenings and other activities. This is a unique opportunity to gain skills, refine your work, make contacts and move your photographic practice forward.

The session will be followed up with exhibition opportunities in the UK, France and Germany, and of course inclusion of your work in the book produced.

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