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Holes in the Wall Collective’s Winter / Spring 2017 Creative Residency Season


Disciplines: Activism, Administration, All Disciplines, Animation, Architecture, Art Education, Ceramics, Collaboration, Community, Composition, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Critical studies, Curatorial, Dance, Design, Digital, Engineering, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Glass, Installation, Journalism, Land Art, Light and Projection, Literature, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Other, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Research, Science, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound, Technology, Textile, Theater, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: New Jerusalem (Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, DC, Pittsburg, Boston), Pennsylvania, United States

Duration: Week long residencies January through May.

Eligibility: Creatives across disciplines welcomed to apply.

Support: All fees include lodging with workspace, communal space with fireplace, use of kitchen, oils/spices/condiments, tea and Irving Farm coffee. Scholarships available, apply at:

Costs: Residency fees vary based on program. No application fee. All fees go to covering Holes in the Wall Collective's costs and support future programming.


Program Description:

Announcing Holes in the Wall Collective's Winter Season!
Workshops, Study Sessions, Themed Weeks and Open Residencies January- May 2017

The Holes in the Wall Collective CREATIVE RESIDENCY program invites people across disciplines to engage with their practice and share collective space.

A place to delve into research. To work on a short film. To re-imagine systems. To finish your PhD. Big projects. Small Projects. Collaborations. Solo work.

We welcome all creatives to apply.

Come work on your work - solo or with collaborators. An affordable chance to get away from your daily grind and carve out a slice of time for you. Shared and individual space for productivity, reflection and work.

Loosely held theme weeks - solo or with collaborators. Holes in the Wall Collective hosts a dinner the first night of the week opening a discussion on the theme. The week is then for you to work on your own project in whatever connection you feel relevant towards the theme. Culminating in a sharing of your work or reflections on the week. Designed to enhance your own work by relating to others and a wider subject matter. Creatives across disciplines welcome.

A chance to delve deeper into a subject. We invite you to bring content and knowledge to share as we collectively delve into a subject. It's like college without tests or the need to take out loans. Holes in the Wall Collective will provide breakfast and coffee each day followed by a morning discussion/share time with an optional afternoon discussion available each day. Much of the time will be open for reflection, your own work time or individual study. We encourage you to bring a project or your research to work on in congruence.

For more information and to apply, go to:

More Info:

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