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HARP Horse and Art Research Program

Deadline: 15 Feb, 2018

Disciplines: Collaboration, Concept & Theory, Drawing, Experimental, Fine art, Performance, Printmaking, Research, Visual Arts.

Location: Barnag, Lake Balaton, Hungary

Deadline: 15 Feb, 2018

Duration: 2 weeks

Eligibility: Please only apply if you are interested in both: art and equine studies, if you are happy to try rural living and if you are open for discussions with others. Please write an email of interest for an application form to Veszely Beáta at

Support: accommodation, studios, printmaking workshop, exhibition, media, riding, horsearchery, archery, tuition, training, lectures, excursions, summer kitchen, dinners

Costs: Total fee: 980 Euro


Program Description:

DATES in 2018
22 May - 3 June
27 June - 9 July
27 July - 8 August
On the North side of Lake Balaton in the village of Barnag in Hungary.
An intensive residency designed for artists interested in combining equine studies and visual arts. We are looking for artists interested in horse culture, as well as riders interested in art. The work will include daily practice and lessons of horsemanship, horsearchery, anatomically correct riding. Discussions and lectures will be held with the main focus on fine art research and a focus on printmaking and drawing. The program is running since 4 years in a series for years to come and is centered around different research themes. This summer we will held three different programs with a focus on drawing and printmaking. Guest lecturers will be invited, excursions will be organised, works made can be exhibited.
To deliver our interest into the field of international artistic research with opening up connections between equine culture and art. We would like to rethink art today in relation to horsemanship and riding. We are open for artistic practices coming from both, western and eastern traditions.
Veszely Beáta (DLA) is an artist and researcher focusing on the horse portrait in (post)contemporary art and Szmrecsányi Márton is a horse trainer and horsearcher. Both are dedicated to research the knowledge of old riding masters, the history of equine imagery in art old and new and to develop their riding and horsearchery next to teaching.
In rural life settings is offered in traditional Hungarian style yurts.
In Barnag are centered around a 19th century small holding partly the home of the Szmrecsányi family neighbouring a National Park. There is an outside arena suitable for schooling and an official horsearchery track approved by the Kassai Horsearchery World Association, where two world cups each year are organised.
Six horses are at the premises, all owned by the Szmrecsányi family. All horses are started with natural horsemanship and trained academically.

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