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Footnotes AiR 2018

Deadline: 6 Apr, 2018

Disciplines: Activism, Community, Concept & Theory, Drawing, Experimental, Journalism, Literature, Other, Philosophy, Photography, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: Tranås, Jönköping, Sweden

Deadline: 6 Apr, 2018

Duration: 20 may - 19 june 2018

Eligibility: The residency is open to contemporary artists. There is two available places for the residency. Artists must be able to cooperate when providing images and documentations (photography, interviews etc), participate in public pragrams (talks, outreach programs, workshops etc) cooperate with the curator. And must stay in Tranås during the designated time of the residency.

Support: Kultivera provides individual rooms for accommodation, and twenty-four hours access to both studios and facilities. Kultivera cover all costs, meals etc. during your stay at the residency and provide individual spaces and utilities.

Costs: We cover all costs after arrival. The artist need to fund travel to and from the residency.


Program Description:

* An Art Project in Book Format

Kultivera invites two international artists that will create art books in relation to sites, histories and social context of the town of Tranås. Even though the project has a broad sense; as a product it will be thematically limited with the chosen site or subject matter and the end production will be in book format. It could be a book of written words, photography, illustrations and abstractions; it could be a material book with pages, it has the possibility of being digital or it could be a playful investigation of notes and sketches. The end product (the artwork) should be a finished proposal/manuscript which will question the idea of the book as a commodity, material, artefact, an expression of ideas and thoughts. It will include or refer to life in Tranås or the town itself. The chosen artists during the first week of their stay will be taken to heritage sites, museum, venues of cultural or historical significance and will work on their chosen subject in the format/medium they will use.

After the preparations the artists will start working on their projects in cooperation with the curator. The curator will make at least two studio visits to give an overview of the project and comprehend the process of production. The artworks will be considered for a future exhibition with similar works, and the artist is responsible to provide the work for the exhibition at a later date.

More Info:

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