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Open call: curator residency 2018

Deadline: 30 May, 2017

Disciplines: Curatorial.

Location: San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Deadline: 30 May, 2017

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Eligibility: This call for applications is open to all physical or legal persons, national or international, who are professionally engaged in the development of projects of a curatorial nature, either partially or exclusively, in the field of contemporary art, or who show willingness to start a career in this sector. Natural or legal persons may also be submitted to the call, together, without requiring the formalization of any relationship between them, in which case it may apply the provisions in the final paragraph of Clause 6. The projects accepted must demonstrate the intention to explore new ways of carrying out curatorial activities and to find new ways for different disciplines to interrelate.

Support: The residency will take place on Tabakalera premises in Donostia / San Sebastián. The programme includes the following benefits: 1. A round trip for the curator, from his/her residence or wherever he/she may be just before the time period of residency. 2. Medical insurance during the period of residency for the foreigner curator. 3. Accommodation. A double-room with bathroom and a small working area with wifi. Access to a shared kitchen and living room. 4. €1,000 (excluding taxes and deductions) per month of residency as allowance for subsistence and maintenance. 5. A workspace in the Tabakalera production area, equipped with the basic furniture, lighting and electricity. 6. Access to the office and common areas. 7. Access to the collection of Tabakalera’s specialised creation library. 8. Access to image and sound edition spaces, a set or scenic practices space. 9. Technical resources and support from the team according to requirements and availability. 10. Conceptual support in the development of the project and assistance and support for its introduction to different agents and projects within the same context if this is required by the resident. The selected project will be exhibited in Tabakalera in autumn 2019. The curator will have a maximum of €30.000 (excluding taxes and deductions) which he/she will manage with the team assigned by Tabakalera. This amount will cover all expenses necessary for the realisation of the project in the exhibition room, such as: production of new works, adaptation of existing works or loan of works, transportation of works, fees, travel, per diem and accommodation for all participants; and the costs of a publication and/or parallel activities related to the exhibition if proposed. Tabakalera will be the owner of all the legal relationships generated in relation to said production and will carry out the payments to be made for its completion, with no restriction preventing the curator from assisting it in the management of said legal relationships and in the activities derived from them. For said provision of production services, the curator shall receive a remuneration of 5.000€ (excluding taxes and contributions). The 40% of the total fees will be made payable once the contract for the exhibition project is signed, the other 60% once the exhibition is opened. The remaining specific terms of said service provision contract shall be subject to negotiation and formalisation between the curator and Tabakalera, at the appropriate time and in compliance with the remaining applicable contract regulations.

Costs: -


Program Description:

The aim of this call for applications is to assist curators in the preparation of an exhibition that will take place in the Tabakalera exhibition room in autumn 2019.

The residency, which will be from four to six weeks, will offer space, context and time for the development of the curatorial project in the format of an exhibition. The selected curator will be able to give shape to the proposal during his/her stay. The residency period will be from February to June, or from September to December, 2018.

From all the proposals received, only one project will be selected.

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