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Craft Residency


Disciplines: Crafts & Trades, Design, Experimental, Fine art, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Eligibility: n/a

Support: accommodations

Costs: $480/wk


Program Description:

Noble Crafthouse is primarily a space for contemporary makers to engage in the emerging craft economy. The majority of modern maker spaces are tech-based and most residencies are fine arts focused, Noble Crafthouse offers a workspace for makers who fall outside of the traditional arts and crafts, such as those pursuing handmade businesses on platforms like Etsy.


- Offer a space for contemporary makers and artists to prototype, develop and/or produce their designs

- Provide a short-term live/work space so makers/designers/artists can fully engage with their creativity, away from their home or place of business

- Offer practical business mentorship (i.e. preparing for a craft fair, developing a line sheet, approaching retailers)

- Provide a space for makers to take or teach workshops in order to foster learning and skill-sharing in the handmade community

- Facilities include equipment for textiles (embroidery, screen printing, yardage printing, quilting, dressmaking, weaving, crochet, knitting, etc.) and printmaking (screen printing, etching, relief, monoprinting, book arts)

Makers, craftspeople, artisans, artists, illustrators and designers are all welcome to apply for a residency at Noble Crafthouse. You will be provided with dedicated studio and storage space for the duration of your stay. Located in one of Toronto's last remaining live/work spaces, it's an ideal place to be creative in a bright, airy space while getting to stay on site for the duration of your residency.

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