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Buddha Jumps Over the River: Kalki in 3378 A.D. (01 – 28 April 2018)


Disciplines: Activism, Administration, All Disciplines, Animation, Architecture, Art Education, Ceramics, Choreography, Collaboration, Community, Composition, Concept & Theory, Crafts & Trades, Critical studies, Curatorial, Dance, Design, Digital, Drawing, Engineering, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Gastronomy, Glass, Installation, Journalism, Land Art, Light and Projection, Literature, Media Arts, Moving Image, Music & Sound, Other, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Research, Science, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound, Technology, Textile, Theater, Urbanism, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

Duration: 28 days, more or less possible

Eligibility: Artists interested in spiritual / experimental / performance dimensions of art and seeking newer inspirations.

Support: Grants of USD 500 to each selected artists to cover little more than one-third of the residency fee. Boarding, lodging, shared-studio etc part of the participation.

Costs: USD 1450 for 28 days


Program Description:

Buddha Jumps Over the River: Kalki in 3378 A.D.

01 – 28 April 2018 (28 days)
Haridwar, Banks of Ganges, Foothills of Himalayas

"Where life is only a labour and a hope,
A child of Matter and by Matter fed,
A fire flaming low in Nature’s grate,
A wave that breaks upon a shore in Time,
A journey’s toilsome trudge with death for goal?
The Avatars have lived and died in vain,
Vain was the sage’s thought, the prophet’s voice;
In vain is seen the shining upward Way."

Buddha is considered the 9th and the penultimate Avataar of Lord Vishnu. Kalki, the 10th and the last one is yet to reincarnate. Buddha Purnima, the full-moon’s night in April is the only festival in a Hindu calendar that has a connection to Buddha. It is a federal government holiday in India. It is also observed as a UN day. 30th April is also the International Jazz Day.

Buddha is said to have flown across the holy river Ganges at two important points in life – while leaving his kingdom and while coming for the first sermon after his revelation.

The festival of Ganga Saptami celebrating the rebirth of Ganges is also in April.

Anniversaries of 3 of the 10 forms of Shakti (Mahavidya) goddesses – Matangi, Bagalamukhi, and Chinnamasta – are also in April. The chief form of Shakti i.e. Parvati was born in Haridwar.

3 more of the 10 Avataars of Lord Vishnu, Kurma (2nd), Narasimha (4th) and Parashurama (6th) have anniversaries in April. Parashurama will be the martial Guru of Kalki, in the year 3378 A.D. Or 428898 A.D.

18 Akshaya Tritiya, Anniv. - Parashurama, Matangi, Int’l Day for Monuments & Sites
21 UN World Creativity and Innovation Day
22 Ganga Saptami, International Mother Earth Day
23 Bagalamukhi Anniversary, World Book Day, UN Language Day – English, Spanish
29 Kurma Anniversary, International Dance Day
30 Buddha Vesak Full Moon, UN International Jazz Day

• Sanskrit / Hindi
• Calligraphy
• Photography
• Visual art
• Documentary
• Spirituality
• Performance art
• New media
• Linguistics
• Painting
• Music
• Writing
• Education
• Yoga
• Everybody
• Art of Life

TARIFF INCLUDES The tariff is inclusive of various offerings. These are grouped under 5 heads as detailed below.

A. Standard inclusions

- En-suite room
- Shared studio
- Possibilities to work at other cluster-locations
- 3 meals, 2 herbal tea + snacks
- Sachet tea/coffee 24hrs
- Daily small basket of fresh flowers
- Towels, bedding
- Laundry

B. Facilities
The following facilities are be made available, if planned at least 30 days prior to the commencement of a residency.
- Local collaborations
- Exhibit
- Print media coverage
- Local music instruments (Conch, damaru, manjira, etc.)
- Visiting Ganges ghats, temples, ashrams
- Pilgrim interactions
- Internet access (extra charge)
- Conditional access to a Braille printing press
- Conditional access to telescope / space orientation

C. Special inclusions.
The following special benefits are also included in the tariff.

- Twice Daily, at Hours of Gods – Sun Salutatioines Yoga (Surya Namaskara), Breathing Yoga (Pranayama), Om Chanting Yoga (Udgita), Specific Mantra Learning and Chanting, Sacred Alphabets

- Once a Day – Spiritual Hymns (Sankirtan), Spiritual Discourse (Pravachana), Spiritual Discussion (Satsang), Mentoring, Supporting Individual Participant Specific Project (s)

- Once in 3 Days – Divine Herbs-Medicine Counselling (Ayurveda)

- Once a Week, Participant Specific – Day Long Guided & Curated Field Visit, Half-day Long Guided & Curated Field Visit, Feedback Session

D. Up to 75% discount on Virtual Residencies
Details on the Virtual Residencies programmes are available in the area ‘Residencies’.

Major discounts on artist and spiritual products and services at AZIMVTH Shop are included in the tariff.

Grants of USD 500 / person liberally available.
28 days USD 1450
14 days USD 900
07 days USD 500

365 Arya Nagar Jwalapur
Haridwar 249407
Uttarakhand India

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