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ACTORS OPPORTUNITY : BERLIN ACTING MASTERCLASS with JOHN STRASBERG at SOMOS ART HOUSE. Organic Creative Process for Actors.February 13th-17th. 2017.

Deadline: 15 Dec, 2016

Disciplines: Art Education, Crafts & Trades, Film & Video, Performance, Research, Theater.

Location: Berlin, BERLIN, Germany

Deadline: 15 Dec, 2016

Duration: 1 week

Eligibility: English speaking actors

Support: -

Costs: 600 euro


Program Description:

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Organic Creative Process for Actors. February 13th-17th. 2017.

What makes an artist? What makes him or her creative, going beyond technique? The answer is profoundly simple, the ability to be inspired, able to live spontaneously in the context of the character and the play(....).Real thoughts are simple, personal, profound, they come from what you sense and feel. They are more spontaneous. They are not correct, or intellectualized, and mechanical. Recognizing the difference, you think like a human being, putting yourself into the character's shoes.

John Strasberg

Organic Creative Process for Actors. ( February 13th-17th 201.)

The Masterclass is based on developing each actor's Organic Creative Process, a deeply personal creative process based on developing a consciously, intuitive process that helps the actor to become deeply involved in the character's world, transforming him or herself.
Good actors live in another world. Great actors live in another world as somebody else.
Actors will learn Involvement, dreaming, imagining, flashes of insight, understanding, and learning how to read and understand the script, which is what is important.
Technique is not a mechanical, linear process. Class feels like a rehearsal, more than a class. The Actors' Studio was unique in the world, and my work continues to embody that love, passion, discipline, and dedication.

John Strasberg


-Participant for the Organic Creative Process for Actors Masterclass
600 euro (including VAT 19%)
(limited number up to 26 actors )

-Auditor for the Organic Creative Process for Actors Masterclass
300 euro (including VAT 19%)
(limited number up to 25 auditors)


Classes will be every day from 12 am to 5 pm - Monday through Friday .
Please send cv and headshot to before December 15th, 2016 . The admitted participants wil be notified via email by December 22nd, 2016.


For further information contact :
Giovanni Morassutti (0049) 15218465093

The Masterclass is organized by Art Aia - Creatives \ In \ Residence & SomoS Art Project Space

Art Aia- Creatives/ In/ Residence is a progressive artist-run space, an ecology center set in the farmland of Friuli Venezia Giulia , Italy .
The visiting artists may reside at Art Aia during periods of study and work, develop new projects, create performances or audiovisual work, attend workshops on different techniques, and carry out activities aimed to the development of their artistic skills and creative process within a natural setting where it is possible to establish a new relationship between humanity, art and nature.

SomoS is one of Berlin’s best non-profit art spaces, it provides space and resources for presentation and production of the arts like a spacious exhibition hall, living ateliers and guest rooms, a multipurpose area; and coworking-, workshop- and media production facilities.
SomoS organizes its own cultural events and closely works with artists, organizers and curators to realize their projects in order to create an international open framework for innovative arts, exhibitions, education and creative cooperation.

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