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ART – POLI Painting on Location International® in INDIA and AFRICA


Disciplines: Architecture, Art Education, Collaboration, Community, Crafts & Trades, Dance, Digital, Experimental, Film & Video, Fine art, Installation, Journalism, Land Art, Literature, Media Arts, Music & Sound, Painting, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile, Visual Arts, Writing.

Location: India and Egypt, Various

Duration: 2 weeks

Eligibility: None

Support: Scholarships Available

Costs: $2795


Program Description:

ART - POLI Academy invites students and artists to study in India and Africa (Egypt) with classes in painting, drawing, art history, photography, hand block printing, yoga and mediation, health and science, herbology, and creative writing.

ART - POLI is a financial self-sustainable, College and University educational supported program and academy, created by founder / director and professor Georgetta Gancarz.

College credit, certificate and non-credit courses are offered in fine arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture), jewelry making, architecture, art history, photography, glass blowing, literature, language, music, fashion, culinary and oenology studies.

ART - POLI also has residency programs in Italy, France, Spain, London, Malta, Portugal, Amsterdam, Vienna, Germany, Iceland, Japan, India, Africa and New York.

ART - POLI supports, nurtures and exposes the serious emerging, mid-career, advanced artist and student to a creative cross-cultural experience in the Fine Arts, Art History, Music, Literature, Language, Film, Fashion, Culinary and Oenology Studies.

ART - POLI provides short and long term residencies, affordable studio classes, critiques, workspace, exhibitions and an array of professional educational developmental services, as well as international exposure, networking and engaging in global understanding.

With an experienced resident faculty, ART - POLI Italy offers many opportunities to explore, combine and learn new and existing methods of communication in the arts. Instructors in the residency are professors and in the Humanities with specializations in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Exhibiting and Marketing Art, Art History, Sculpture, Jewelry, Architecture, Photography, Literature, Creative Writing, Language, Film, Fashion, Philosophy, Music, Culinary and Oenology Studies.

The combination of these subjects bring a boarder understanding of art and an expansive network of ideas and reason.

ART - POLI is also open to students studying on the college level. Five to fifteen credits are available depending on your course of study.

ART - POLI believes that everyone deserves a chance to participate, so ART - POLI gives information on funding sources and provides a formal letter of acceptance to support your grant applications.
ART - POLI also offers scholarships and an incentives program!

The ART - POLI program fee covers the costs of accommodation in facilities including housing, utilities, art lessons, tours, excursions, museums, galleries and assistance from staff and teaching professors.

Visual Art / Painting all types , Drawing, Art History
Sculpture, Literature, Creative Writing, Language, Poetry
Photography, Jewelry, Culinary and Oenology Studies.

CONTACT: Director Gancarz at:

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