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Sep, 2017

Ofri Cnaani – Drawing of Drawing Sessions – A.I.R Gallery at Governors Island

September 23rd, 2017
A.I.R Gallery at Governors Island
Curators: Alexis Wilkinson and Patricia M. Hernandez
Building 4A I Nolan Park | Governors Island (NY), USA

Drawing of Drawing Sessions is a participatory performance rooted in the conventional method of a plein-air landscape drawing session. In the picturesque setting of Governors Island every session will begin with one person sitting outside drawing the landscape; only a few meters behind, a second person will sit, working on a drawing of a person drawing a landscape; a short distance beyond the second, a third is seated, forming a line of drawers of drawers, turning the natural mise-en-scene into a pedagogical mise-en-abyme.


Ofri Cnaani


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