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Mar, 2018

Martina Vacheva in Days of Romance

Days of Romance - Cultural Center Recoleta, Buenos Aires

DAY 1: PERFORMANCES April 13 – 7 pm
DAY 2: VIDEO AND OBJECTS April 21 – 8 pm

Organized by curator Carmen Ferreyra and artist Jazmín Giordano, the second
edition of Days of Romance will take place within the framework Autogestión del
Cariño (Love Self Management), Jazmín Giordano solo show at the Cultural
Center Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Days of Romance will take place during two days, with activities that include
performances, video projections and sharing of art objects produced by invited
artists, generating collaborative networks and collective action. Days of Romance
proposes an analysis around the concept of romantic love and gender
stereotypes within a meeting of female artists from different regions.
Days of Romance can be framed within a wave of feminist actions that female
Argentine artists are currently initiating in order to highlight the lack of exposure
of works produced by women. When one artist is invited to exhibit, she invites
other female artists to participate in activities throughout the length of her
exhibition, in order to multiply our presence.

Las Desesperadas por el Ritmo. Collective from Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Marcela Astorga, Ana Gallardo, Marina De Caro, Elba Bairon, Adriana Bustos,
Mónica Millán, Silvana Lacarra, Cristina Schiavi.
Valeria Camerano Ceijas Argentina, b. 1969
Mariana Carranza Uruguay, b. 1960
Tatiana Cuoco Argentina, b. 1991
Florencia Curci Argentina, b. 1986
Dana Davenport US, b. 1984
Dana Ferrari Argentina, b. 1988
Ana Gallardo Argentina, b. 1958
Yanina García Argentina
Grisel Navarro Argentina, b. 1978
Adriana Minoliti Argentina, b. 1980
Helene Nymann Denmark, b. 1982.
Fátima Pecci Carou Argentina, b. 1984
Milagros Rojas Argentina, b. 1985
Luciana Poggio Schapiro Argentina, b. 1981
Silvia Sánchez Argentina, b. 1966.
Sofía Torres Kosiba Argentina, b. 1974
Martina Vacheva Bulgaria, b. 1988
Manuela Viera-Gallo Italy, b. 1977


Martina Vacheva


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