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Sep, 2017

Mark Požlep at the (SI) Island, ANTI festival, Finland and Ravne Gallery, Slovenija

Mark Požlep (SI): Island - ANTI

Island is a performance by Mark where he lives 5 days on a self-build raft, ‘the island’ , which is connected to the outside world through a sporadic radio broadcast.

For him, it remains impossible to access or exit the island. Communication is restricted and movement limited.

Dates: Wednesday 20.9. starting at 12:00 until Sunday 24.9. till 12:00

Location: Valkeisenlampi pond

Time: Every day at 14:00 & 18:00

In the Ravne Gallery he will present himself with the documentation of the Island performance, which he performed this year in Antwerp, Belgium.
Dates: 6th October - 3rd December 2017

Location: Ravne Gallery, Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenija


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