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Alumni News |
Sep, 2017

Jonna Kina, Sharon Lockhart: Recordings at the AMA Gallery

8.9-1.10.2017Opening on Thursday, September 7th, 5–7 p.m.

Warmly welcome

Ama Gallery
Rikhardinkatu 1
Helsinki, Finland

"...In Jonna Kina's Arr. for a Scene (2017) " we are thrown into action that we have to try to decipher–first from the images, out of pure habit, and increasingly from the sounds. Two parallel stories are playing out for us. One is an enigmatic stage. The other is one of the most famous horror scenes in the history of film. Until the moment of recognition, we remain simply viewers of the image. Two people prepare by adjusting the objects in front of them; then, they carry out a series of more or less mundane and quite unremarkable actions. No words are spoken, no music played, they are in a state of complete concentration. Increasingly, though, this seemingly undramatic scene becomes almost uncomfortable for us as viewers. Both people’s facial expressions are blank: they’re looking right at us, but it is also as if they’re looking through us. We see how the sounds are being made, yet we aren’t certain what we are seeing..."

Text written by Tessa Praun
Museum Director and Chief Curator
Magasin III – Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art, Stockholm


Jonna Kina


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