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Alumni News |
Aug, 2014

Jaye Moon at the Gateway Project in Newark: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
August 7th - October 2nd, 2014
(leading up to Emerald City) &
continuing till October 2nd, 2014

Open Tuesday - Thursday 
12 - 6pm 

The Gateway Project 
2 Gateway Center
Newark, NJ 07102

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" is an interactive installation led by artist Jaye Moon. Based on the well-known song by Elton John, Moon has created this installation to greet the next Gateway Project exhibition, Emerald City. Emerald City, which originates in L. Frank Baum's 'The Wizard of Oz,' is an exhibition that highlights a metropolis that once reaped the benefits of industrialisms boom era-a surreal masterpiece of enchanting beauty and shimmering vivacity that covers a raw and almost-dystopian chaos held together by a decidedly unglamorous armature. 

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