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Jan, 2019

Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy, To the next 100!

Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy, “To the next 100!”, 2019, 500 x 500 cm; Digital Print

Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy

“To the next 100!”, 2019

Is 100 years a lot of time or an incredibly small one? How much social justice can, should and must be possible in 100 years? Are we now celebrating the 100th anniversary of female political franchise at national level, or does the 19th January 1919 much more signify the endless period of time that went before, one in which half of society was categorically written off as unemancipated?

The poster from the two artists Janine Mackenroth and Bianca Kennedy plays with this discrepancy. It caricatures the current situation, in which women change between a hope for a more just future and a sobering analysis of the status quo. Hella and Resi on the poster are enjoying the cake, even though the piece is rather on the small side. They would have expected half of the cake 100 years later. To the next 100!


The artists and both women on the poster are present at the opening. Afterwards, an organized Pecha Kucha Talk in the Hearthouse with interesting guests like Celina von Bezold, Cornelia Gockel, Anna Schneider, Pola Sieverding and Dagmar Wagner under the moderation of Hannah Klose will honor the anniversary. The beginning is at 5 p.m., Hearthouse on the 2nd floor, Lenbachplatz 2, 80333 Munich.


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