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Jun, 2012

Guy Goldstein and Erin Dunn on ARTFUSE

Guy Goldstein and Erin Dunn currently showing at Rooster Gallery got a review on Artfuse:

Arte Fuse

Artists in residence take the period provided to just churn our work and it’s a great opportunity to avail resources to show as well. Residency Unlimited (RU) in collaboration with Rooster Gallery, has made it possible for two artists in residence to present their work last May 31, 2012 at an opening reception for Bells & Whistles by Guy Goldstein / Rapture’s Adagio by Erin Dunn. JARO 1 is the result of Nathalie Anglés (RU) working with André Escarameia & Alexander Slonevsky at Rooster Gallery to showcase these two artists on the Lower East Side with their respective solo shows. The term JARO means “year” in Esperanto and “caravan” in the Kichagga language. Both time and displacement are key aspects of the whole artist in residency experience.


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Guy Goldstein

Erin Dunn


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