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Nov, 2017

Ève K. Tremblay in “documenter, raconter, mentir” at Centro Cultural Clavijero with Occurrence

Oeuvres de Ève K. Tremblay dans la tournée mexicaine de l'exposition de groupe (View of Ève K. Tremblay works in Mexico tour in group show) Documenter, raconter, mentir

Ève K. Tremblay in group show presented by Occurrence.

Morelia at the Centro Cultural Clavijero (3 December 2017).

The exhibition documenter, raconter, mentir is the result of an invitation from Occurrence, Montreal's contemporary art and design center, to take a close look at the Québec photographic scene since 2000 and to take most representative trends.


Eve K. Tremblay


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